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  • Fabrizio Antonelli - Good product for decarbonization of intake valves on GDI gas engines

    It worked, at least for me, I have a 2011 Tiguan with 55000 mi on the odometer, lately It was having rough idle and loss of power,also a couple of MIL (Check engine light). After reading some reviews and watching some youtube DIY videos I decided to give this product a try. I put half bottle on the crankcase and run the car for about 100 mi, and sprayed it using a hose and an inflator needle through the air intake temperature sensor, let the engine stall and leave the product soak for a couple hours . After that I drove the car for 15 min and watch a lot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I repeated this procedure 3 times (half bottle each time) . I changed the oil afterwards.My car now runs smooth and no more Check engine light. Planning to repeat this decarbonization procedure after 4000 miles. I do recommend this product

  • Luca - The smell isn't the best, but definitely not offensive

    The smell isn't the best, but definitely not offensive. I love to use this during the winter when my skin is very dry. I also used this while taking Accutane and it helped my skin tremendously from the harsh side effects

  • ashlee - This would be great if it hadn't broke a few weeks after receiving ...

    This would be great if it hadn't broke a few weeks after receiving it. The piece that holds the battery in Place broke out so now it doesn't work.

  • Barbara Brooks - Great Product - Is Helping With My Arthritis Pain

    I have been taking this product for approx. 6 months(or more) and I believe it has really help with my inflammation due to arthritis.. Some days I don't have any pain thanks to the turmeric curcumin that I bought from Schwartz Bioresearch. My son is the one who suggested I start using it to see if would help and it certainly seems to be working.

  • David Bricker - Basically OK but has had 2 crashes and a failure to update

    Install went fine. Since then it has had 2 crashes of what I hope were minor components. Also there was a cryptic code thrown up and it told me to go to the Symantec home page and search for the code. I did and I had to download a 138 mb file to manually update the product. Once that was done I ran the executable which updated everything in about 5 seconds, which is pretty fast and makes me wonder if it really did anything anyway..

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