Preston Medical Pharmacy - Preston Medical Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy and home health care centre located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. We have certified professionals on staff at all times to assist you with any concerns you may have about your health care needs.

Country:, North America, US

City: -80.1273 Florida, United States

  • brigitte Kiledjian - Not satisfied at all

    Not satisfied at all. Maybe works fine for some people, but for me it was way too much time consuming in the morning. I normally do just fine with a round brush and blow dryer. Definitely not what I expected.

  • Thomas L - Tough Removal

    First off it does work. No question here. Verified by my wife who was just overjoyed on the snoring reduction.

  • Amazon Customer - Useful

    The week I was flying out of the country, I decided to buy this power bank. After a bit of tinkering, this turned out to be a great and useful purchase. Upon arrival, it instructs to be fully charged before usage. I connected the cable to an iPhone adapter and charged the bank for over 5 hours. There are 4 lights that estimate the level of charge and frustrated, it stayed unmoving and not charging at the 1st light. I switched the cable to my laptop to charge - no luck. I finally connected the cable to an iPad wall adapter and the power bank began to fully charge. Overall, it works great, my phone charges quickly, and I do not mind the weight of it at all.