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  • Dentist Sarasota FL – Root Canals, Clear Correct, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, & More! - Dentist in Sarasota, FL offering general and cosmetic dentistry including Clear Correct, root canals, teeth whitening, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, veneers, crowns, bridges, dental cleanings, and more!

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    This item really help my little one learn her letters and follow directions. She can also draw with out wasting so much paper. We had purchased this product for our 3 year old at the time and now our 2 year old is also using it. Its so easy to manage that the kids can do most of it on their own.

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    It cleared up whatever plant related contact dermatitis I had. It took several treatments because I had the rash for a week before I used Zanfel for the first time but it did what I was hoping - saved me a trip to the doctor. I am glad someone told me about this product and I will certainly pass on the information. This is a product that, as long as I have a yard to maintain, I will keep on hand.

  • S. Mulkey - Good sheet

    I use this in the Uppababy Vista bassinet. It covers the mattress adequately but not perfectly. It's soft and feels like flannel.

  • nanny - Yay! I found the original Salonpas

    So happy to find the "original" Salonpas! These are much better than the "improved" Salonpas. I have been a Salonpas customer for years, need to keep the originals on the market, they needed no improving. So helpful with pain, I believable how effective this little patch performs.

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    Not only does it taste great, but I lost a total of 8 pounds in 14 days. Obviously, most of that was water weight, so once I stopped drinking the tea, and continued my bad diet, the pounds started adding on again. Don't use this if you think you're gonna use 20-30 pounds by drinking tea. It's a lifestyle change. The tea gives great energy and used it to replace coffee, and keeps me energized throughout the day! It didn't really curb my appetite, considering I was hungry all the time, but it boosted my metabolism so once I started eating right, I started losing weight again. I highly recommend this tea. I drank Lyfe Tea to compare and this one was so much better. I'm going to order more

  • Mr. Lucky - H&R Block Deluxe Federal & State

    I've used this product in prior years w/o a problem. They have expanded the capabilities of this program and internal calculations minimize one's frustration with math. I e-filed successfully the first day. I did not keep the box, which has a code that enables one to free-file up to 5 federal returns. After a lengthy wait and discussion with and H&R Block rep, I was able to procure a code that enabled me to free-file. State e-filing costs $20.

  • Sue Critz - An authoritative treatise

    This is the most authoritative book I've read so far on dealing with my osteoarthritis. He covers everything from medications to diet to dealing with depression. I found his exposé of what some dietary supplement manufacturers do to scam the public eye-opening. About the only thing lacking is some of the current experimental methods on cartilage and bone regeneration. Given this is a revised edition, I almost expect another revision to cover those topics.