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  • Ryan B. Omalley - Best price for near club quality

    I researched this for a long time before buying and kept coming back to the F80. I'm almost 200 lbs, so I needed something durable and this has worked perfectly. As other reviewers have mentioned, the fan is a joke, but that doesn't really bother me. Other than that, I have no complaints at all. It's also reassuring to have the Sole warranty and brand behind it.

  • Morgan Kobielusz - Easy is right

    easy to use and works well. maybe not board straight , but a nice over-the-counter product. it can seem a little pricey but.....you get what you pay for.

  • William R. Meyers - Great product, probably does a lot more than I would realize.....

    Put corners on two of our cell phones to give the screens additional protection. Seems it's on for as long as we want it on (and maybe longer?) Glad to have more of it in the fridge if another purpose comes up. I'm considering using the red to repair bumper covers that keep popping off at the edges on our Hyundai. (Do you ever see a Hyundai off the dealer's lot that doesn't have popped-off bumper covers? but that's a whole 'nother review...)

  • Melissa Pandolfi - Yes.

    I love Penelope's books, so reading this one was a no-brainer. But, wow. I didn't expect all the feels. If you were ever that kid who didn't quite fit in, and really wanted to. Or maybe one of those kids who did but felt alone in the crowd....you should definitely read Misha and Ryen's story. It wasn't what I was expecting but, ended up being so much more. Loved it!

  • Pamela - Love it!

    Love this stuff. One container lasts for a long time (i.e. years). A little goes a long way, and it does a great job cleaning. This gets off the tough stains without requiring too much elbow grease. I will be a lifelong customer of this product.

  • Christine Keightley - not what was described.

    The paperback book I received was NOT new. The pages are brown and yellowed, The pictures are okay. Some woman wrote about the Country Mouse and the City Mouse fable, which I don't even see included in this book. What CD?

  • Dan Rogers - Not the supply chain bible, but a good read that makes you think.

    The goal, and Goldratt's revolutionary thinking for the time make this a must read if you run a factory, a supply chain, or any other kind of multi-person process that would benefit from higher quality and shorter throughput times. I love how he makes me think about things like total spend in addition to unit cost. A real eye opener, convincingly done. If you get this, do think about his other books to back up and fill in some of the execution elements of his theories. Long may he rest in peace - he helped me solve some hard problems.