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    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Johnathon Schlemmer - Straight out of a Pixar film!

    Amazing! The amount of personality thrown into this is outstanding. It really feels like I'm playing with a character out of WALL-E.

  • carolyn boersma - I love this. In fact almost everyone at our barn ...

    I love this . In fact almost everyone at our barn owns one now. The hair just falls off. No need to keep removing hair like you do with a curry comb. Might be a bit rough around bony spots but it makes a tiresome chore actually kind of fun.

  • Tracy Piatt - Great Value For Valve Oil (For Band Instrument)

    Band students in my son's school are required to have this product. I bought is last year and my son still uses it, with no complaints.

  • kerrya - Read the reviews carefully & read my update for better experience !

    Ohhh I wished I thoroughly read through more reviews before purchasing this unwieldy beast of a blender ! While I agree with most reviewers that it crushes ice incredibly well, it has little to be desired in terms of blending a good smoothie. If you don't add enough liquid, then it literally does nothing; then, when you have to add more liquid, the end result is a very watery, dissatisfying "slushy" (because it no longer qualifies for a smoothie !). The blades terrify me. Should have hung in there with my cheap yet reliable Oster.

  • Old Viking - My second Sage

    Incredible what all Sage does for one. Every entry is linked to the right accounts. You need to study it a bit, but once you catch on, you are hooked. Great reports and all.