Orthodontist Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - J. Richard Pfeffer, DMD, MDS is your Altoona, Hollidaysburg, and Bellwood, PA (Pennsylvania orthodontist providing braces for children, teens, and adults.

  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/life-with-braces Life with Braces - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Chew on this; what you can and can not eat while wearing braces, and what to do if your braces become a total pain in the mouth.
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/two-phase-treatment Two-Phase Treatment - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Two-phase treatment is a very specialized orthodontic process that usually begins around age seven. Often called early treatment, two-phase treatment encompasses tooth straightening and physical, facial changes.
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/emergency-ortho-care Emergency Ortho Care - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - True orthodontic emergencies are very rare; however, there are times when your braces or retainer may cause some slight discomfort in your mouth. Simple mouthwashes and orthodontic wax can help alleviate this pain.
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/faqs FAQs - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Our practice can help answer all of your orthodontic questions, including you need for orthodontic treatment, the types of braces available, and the length of your treatment. Contact our practice to have all of your orthodontic questions answered.
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/common-treatments Common Treatments - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Overbite, underbite, and the perfect bite! Common orthodontic cases and the treatments that help make your smile look great.
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/dentofacial-orthopedics Dentofacial Orthopedics - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics; what is the difference, and is my orthodontist a dentofacial orthopedic specialist?
  • http://www.pfefferortho.com/tmj-tmd TMJ-TMD - Altoona PA | J Richard Pfeffer DMD MDS - Millions of Americans suffer from chronic facial and neck pain, which may be a result of Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD. TMD is treatable, so if you are experiencing any symptoms, call our practice and schedule an appointment.

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    This stuff honestly works really well. Normally I'm quite dubious about things like this, but one morning after drinking way too much i saw an ad and decided to give it a shot. Fantastic product , will definitely be buying more when i've used up my current supply.

  • David Cohen - Beware! hidden payroll fees.

    Before I was even able to get into the payroll I am required to put in a credit card number for the second year subscription and the month charge per employee over one. So who ever heard of buying a payroll for one employee? On this site It is not obvious that you are buying a payroll and have to pay extra each month to pay more that one employee.

  • Jess - I wanted to love this product but the smell for me was just ...

    I wanted to love this product but the smell for me was just terrible. We got this as a baby gift and used it maybe three times because it made our son smell like spoiled milk after he had been washed in it and I couldn't take the smell.

  • kreed95 - Customer Service for Student Licence Review

    I am a student at the University of Dallas reviewing the sales team's customer service. I inquired about a student licence of Maptitude around 3pm and had a reply in 5 minutes, it's of course the standard message but that was exceedingly prompt. Then the next surprise was that the company responded with, 'we would be happy to donate Maptitude for Academic Use'. I was originally trying to get an ArcGIS student licence, but it was so complicated to use in the free trial (my only relevant experience with this is a class on analyzing spatial data in R). Also, $100 for the ArcGIS licence, while perhaps fair, was not exactly easy to come up with. My only cost here is the $3 my university will charge to send the documentation. I really appreciate the work done developing Maptitude, I have only worked with the trial for a couple hours but I found it very intuitive and was easily able to load one of my sample data sets straight from Excel begin working with the map.

  • Amazon customer - Kaspersky should be No 1

    Switched from Symantec Norton to Kaspersky this year after long hesitation. Had been using Nort for past 2 years. Both have 1-star & 2-star reviews, making it hard to decide. Question was whether to stick with the mediocre but familiar product or risk pain & suffering by switching to an unknown and a potential humiliating return back to the old one. Av-test website played a decisive role in the switch. Many of the other websites/magazines like cnet, pc tools, pcmagazine seem to base their evaluations on Av-test. Of late they just regurgitate Av-test findings. This year Av-test reported gap between N & K widened to the extent that it was hard to ignore. This fact, coupled with N letting some malware/adware slip in (ie personal experience parallels Av-test results), occasional failure to start when the computer is turned on, slowing access in XP to Windows Explorer for about half hour at startup helped with the decision. Last year wasted several hours with the live Nort help on the phone to tackle the Windows Explorer slowdown. The tech support assured N wasnt the cause of the slowdown yet when it was uninstalled the delay disappeared. Yet it was still hard to quit.