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  • JIMBO - Among the best for protection with an effective and comprehensive interface.

    I did extensive research with respect to virus protection, and this was my choice after filtering down to a bout between Kaspersky vs. Bitdefender. I went with Kaspersky because of my preference/experience with their interface, which is streamlined, easy and effective. Kaspersky, to me, had a more developed/proven track-record as well. So far, after being half-way through my first year subscription, Kaspersky has delivered to my expectations. My only gripe would be the fairly burdensome processing of the full scan, which does effect the performance of the computer if attempting to work while running the scan, but timing the scan to run when I'm not using the computer makes this drawback pretty simple to avoid. Also, I'm running on an i7 processor, so the full scan completes within 20-25 minutes anyway, which is pretty short for a full scan; however, the full scan does bog the computer during that time regardless of a fast processor. The full scan bogging the processor is a minor con in the midst of the overall benefit and effectiveness, but enough to make it four stars rather than a full five stars. In the end, I recommend Kaspersky over all other full service anti-virus providers.

  • Eddie - I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting

    I have an old set of 17" wheels for my Bimmer with snow tires mounted on. Last years New England winter absolutely killed them. The salt and chemicals left them pitted. I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting. I then masked off and applied a full can of VHT prime coat followed by two cans of this bronze. Lastly I sprayed a full can of clear over them and I am fully satisfied with the result.

  • Jack - Does NOT appears to be what you think

    I bought it for a trial version. I said to my self to try a $15.to gamble,,,,,I lost. The instructions that came with the product are for a different item.(HDE) you suck. Try to collect donation instead selling stuff you are not aware off.

  • Brianna Herbert - water, food, and mold grows in the handles and outside corners and there's no way to reach it!

    Buyers beware, the pitchers have small cavities where water collects in the outside corners and handles, leading to rotting food, in turn mold. This happened to both of my pitchers! Upon calling the company, they sent me replacements for both but was willing to do nothing more. I was also told that the pitchers are not under the warranty and that they would not be able to continue to replace them if the problem should continue. I find I am afraid to use them for fear of this happening again and rendering my expensive blender worthless and a health risk if I should try to continue using it with mold present after the fact. I must metnion too that I did not put these in the dishwasher. I simply placed them in the sink and washed them and this was the result. I can't imagine putting them in the dishwasher would resolve the problem of water getting up in these nooks and sitting, if anything I would think it would cause more of an issue. The company refused to allow me to send it back for a refund in that I didn't buy it from them directly. I called Kohls where I bought it 4 months prior and told them the problem, as always Kohls was very accommodating and told me to bring it back for a refund, even with out the box! Needless to say I am very disappointed in this product. Once I return this I will look for something better quality. Just goes to show that just because something is expensive doesn't always mean it's any good.