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  • strat_lover - These UPS units work and last a long time

    I have had CyberPower UPS units since they first came out. My first one had a lifetime warranty, and had a problem after 7 years of faithful use. I contacted CyberPower for warranty service and they replaced the unit. IN the mean time, I had been using the "most popular major brand", and it seems like the newer the model, the shorter the lifespan. I do not own any models of that brand. I have replaced them all with CyberPower units. I have not had to replace a battery or have any of the UPS units go bad, so I am well pleased. I like the display that shows incoming line voltage, estimated run time on the battery, battery charge percentage, output voltage and frequency, and the output load in watts and volt amperes. It also shows the output watts and va's in percentage.

  • Brittany Maddock - Great Unicycle

    I had been using the same old unicycle for 6 years and it was time for an upgrade. Putting it together was really easy, the directions were very detailed. While the tire size is small compared to what I'm used to, it is still easy to use. The seat to the unicycle is well thought out. While teaching others to ride the unicycle it was dropped plenty of times and the bumpers really came in handy. It's easy to adjust the seat and it comes out completely for easy storage or transport.

  • Duane Pete Olds - I was curious like you but i'm glad I bought it, you will be too.

    I was as skeptical as everyone else and combed through the user reviews to see if this was a good buy like it seemed. So far so good. It came a few days early, synched with my Note 5 perfectly and so far everything is working great. Most of the apps on here are useless to me or won't work unless you put your sim card in.

  • Helen T.M. - Very disapointed

    I brought this DVD as a refresher to a course I took 2 years ago, For three days, using several different methods, including coping files to my computer, I could not open or use the DVD. I ended up going to staples and purchasing the "Professor Teaches" DVD. If I liked this DVD, I had planned on ordering the PowerPoint DVD, So glad I didn't. Waste of money for me. I ordered this because it received great reviews. Sorry I couldn't follow suit.

  • Lizeth - Put this intake on 2014 Dodge challenger rt.. ...

    Put this intake on 2014 Dodge challenger rt. . Faster throttle response and even gave the car a little more hp. Only took about 45 min to Install. I did this with it being 27degrees outside haha