Hospital, Emergency Room, Family Medicine | Paris Community Hospital - Paris Community Hospital & Family Medical Center is a critical access hospital located in Paris, IL. We have been serving residents of Edgar County since 1968.

  • Hospital & Family Medical Center Locations | Paris Community Hospital - PCH also has Family Medical Centers in three locations: Paris, Chrisman and Kansas, IL. These clinics provide medical care for patients of all ages.
  • Paris Community Hospital History | Foundation Beginnings | Paris Community Hospital - Paris Community Hospital has a history rich in community involvement and support.
  • Hospital & Medical Foundation | Donations & Gifting Memberships | Paris Community Hospital - Please consider giving a gift to Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc. Our goal is to make a difference in our community! Please donate today.
  • Administrative Team | Leadership Staff | Paris Community Hospital - Our leadership team of administrative professionals offer a high level of service.
  • Hospital Services in Paris, Illinois | Paris Community Hospital - PCH/FMC is a full-service provider that includes emergency medicine, surgery, rehabilitation services, radiology, psychology, diabetes education, and more. 
  • Community Services And Support Groups | Paris Community Hospital - Paris Community Hospital community outreach department offers bereavement, cancer and caregiver support groups for the Paris and Edgar County, IL communities.
  • Paris ER & Emergency Care Services: IL | Paris Community Hospital - The Emergency Room (ER) staff at PCH includes an on-site physician, registered nurses, and emergency room technicians who are either LPNs or paramedics.
  • Paris Urgent Care, Walk-In Clinic & EZ Care | Paris Community Hospital - EZ Care is a weekend, walk-in medical clinic located in the Paris Family Medical Center. It is similar to an immediate or urgent care clinic, and not and ER.
  • Immunization Schedules | Paris Community Hospital - PCH is a full-service provider that includes emergency medicine, surgery, rehabilitation services, radiology, psychology, diabetes education, and more. 
  • Paris Inpatient Medical Care Services: IL | Paris Community Hospital - The skilled nursing unit provides inpatient medical care to those who no longer require acute hospitalization, but are still in need of certain services.
  • Outpatient Medical Services | Paris Community Hospital - Our outpatient care includes Diabetes support, Senior Care Rehabilitation Services, Pain Management, Occupational Health and many other services.
  • Senior Care Services for Elderly: Paris IL | Paris Community Hospital - Opened in 2010, the Senior Care Department at Paris Community Hospital in Paris, Illinois was established to assist senior citizens with life's challenges.
  • Patients & Visitors Information Guide | Paris Community Hospital - We want your stay with us as a patient & guest to be pleasant and that you will be confident in our ability and desire to do our best for you.
  • Hospital Patient Information Guide | Visitor & Patient Recommendations | Paris Community Hospital - Please read our FAQ questions about what to expect when you stay with us. This is the place to find out about surgery or medical test preparation.
  • Hospital Visitors Information Guide | Paris Community Hospital - Find out our Visiting Hours and other hospital policies. Hours for Clinic Pharmacy, Cafeteria & Gift Shop. Patient Contact Information and local hotel info.
  • Quality & Patient Safety: Paris, IL | | Paris Community Hospital - Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center in Paris, IL strives to be at the forefront of changes through its Quality & Patient Safety initiatives.
  • Physician Opportunities | Paris Community Hospital - PCH/FMC is a leading medical and nursing employer in our community. We invite you to come be a part of a diverse, caring medical team.

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  • N. Beckwith - fairly clear most of the time, but riddled with errors

    The presentation of the material is good, but the book is just fillled with errors. I'm halfway through and I've definitely identified tens of them. Some of them are extremely bad and frustrating too, like when an example problem or equation has the wrong sign or value somewhere and it takes half an hour to realize what's going on. I regret the time I wasted on this type of crap, but I don't know how other books compare. Not much time for regrets now -- my MCAT is in a month :-/

  • Bob-Cobb - Not so Great

    I was planning on using this on the back of my neck but found it didn't quite do the job. Awful smell, but that's not a big deal so long as it removed the hair for an extended period of time. It will leave some of the hair behind which youll have to shave off. Maybe lasted a little longer than a standard shave. Wouldn't recommend if youre looking for a longer period of removal.

  • RocklinDave - Fail to Function as Advertised

    Very, very disappointed in this product. I love the fit and styling, but after about a year of wearing these (and only a few months after a full wax) these boots soaked through on a two hour hike in the rain. I wasn't walking in puddles or streams, just out in the rain on trails. The boots have had light wear, probably only ten hikes or so. How can they be called waterproof if you must wax them up each time you go out? They are supposed to have a waterproof membrane, but it failed to work for me. I would look elsewhere if you plan on going out in anything more than a brief shower. So sad as I love the look and feel of Merrell

  • Nikki H. - we'll I've always sorta had this bad habit of picking and end up with scarring because ...

    Okay, we'll I've always sorta had this bad habit of picking and end up with scarring because of my olive skin tone, but a couple years back after turning 18 I started having really bad breakout and was always tempted to try to 'pick'. So in a leap of blind faith and not really sure what I was getting to I bought these, I bought the whole kit, all 5! The product arrived super quickly, I was really excited to try them out as soon as I got them, when I first tried them I was saddened and became easily discouraged and thought it was a 'bust', so the 5kit just sat around my room in solitude for two or so weeks until I decided I'd give them a try again, its like having a new toy and not knowing how to work it, so I prepared myself this time and watched a couple youtube vids with people using similar looking extraction tools, and attempted to mimic what I saw and viola!! Like magic I had learned how to use it (sorta), so far I have only mastered (learned) how to use three of the five tools, my quest is still far from complete but I'm am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase and I'm glad I took the dive and bought these i use these so so so very often and they great thing is I.DON'T.SCAR, when I use these tools to do extractions. I've used them for the blackheads on my nose, pimples on my face, those weird semi wannabe blackhead I get sometimes on face, and It works for all of it. Now something to note though is that there is a method to how you use each tool and what part of your face your using it on also. Like for example I use the long loop for blackheads on my nose, for blackheads or wannabe blackheads that are on other parts of my face like my chin, cheeks, forehead I use the loop with the shorter handle, and for pimples I like to use the rounded loop. When your using the loops though you want to bring it towards the edge to make it easier to remove, it you apply on center and just press down you won't really achieve much doing that. If you get too confused on how to use these just remember.. Youtube is the savior (in this case), so try to look up Manuals, guides, instructions, how-tos anything that will help and make sure your properly disinfect your tools after each use. Also to keep your skin clean, I wouldn't recommend applying things like makeup onto skin after doing extractions because that can clog pores. The reason I give it four stars and not five is because the tools are SO GOOD!! But there's no manual or guide with it so it is definitely confusing for those who have never used anything like this before or just don't know how to use it. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking or thinking of buying something like this.

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    The start of it all. Yep. Ms. Roth has updated and added to the wonderful series about a team of powerful immortals, some born, and others created by science. This first book introduces us to the guys, their origins, as well as the team's solidarity. Their hijinks will make you laugh, their powers will amaze you, and their sexual appetites will heat things up.

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  • W. Laughlin - Works excellent and great support too

    I've been using Acronis True Image since 2010 to safely backup my data. When Windows 10 recently did a massive update, my 2013 version became no longer compatible, so I went ahead and upgraded to this 2016 version. I'd been wanting to upgrade anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me. I ordered on a Friday and it was delivered on that Sunday, so great job Amazon on the delivery! It installed just fine and I registered the software too, which is always a good idea, because if you misplace your serial number, you can go the website and recover it.