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  • J. Edgar Mihelic, MBA - Strong Foundation, Weak Structure

    I haven't read that many business books. The ones I have are usually more poorly written than the economics books I read. I know that there is often a dedicated course in business writing in the academy, but in my experience, it isn't a focus of the program.

  • SmilinBill58 - Well worth viewing...

    I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed movie! It is well worth viewing if only because it is a fun ride. There are plenty of emotional ups and downs -- even an unexpected finishing twist. That said, considering the plot emphasis that human technology had moved ahead so rapidly since 1996, there were some anachronistic issues that could have been avoided [like the dated cars and buses used], but overall the movie is well done. [I viewed in 2d.]

  • healthcare advocate - Great surround soundtrack, colorful cinematography, well-cast,and believable action hero portrayed by Dwayne Johnson

    There's something about a "remake" of older movies that makes me hesitate; some have been quite disappointing, with more emphasis on crazy stunts, or special effects, sometimes overshadowing the story line---or worse, lousy acting. Well this film did NOT disappoint me. In fact, it was different from a lot of movies that feature a "super hero" (main) character, such as that played by "The Rock," Dwayne Johnson. He didn't portray an out-of-control, invincible warrior, but more often exercised restraint, recognizing that war leaves deep scars on both sides. This film moved along quickly, and I found the cinematography more colorful than the drab, almost tawny tones seen in other recent films featuring urban scenes, and scenes with non-stop action (excluding filming in diminished light which naturally reduces visible colors).

  • Nelson Abreu - Almost perfect.

    This product is amazing! It makes all sucky movies not suck! All lifetime movie actresses are suddenly naked when I watch them, and when my wife watches action movies the actors talk about their feelings for 90 minutes. My only complaint is about the limited quantities. I wanted to buy enough to replace all of the cables in my house, plus a spare. Sadly, Amazon only has 2 in stock.

  • G. R. Overturf - As advertised, a great find!

    I had some of this years ago and loved it, so wanted more to fix the tightness on my laptop hinges. It was hard to find but worth it. Lubed the hinges on the laptop so it now opens without cracking the plastic!

  • penname - Does not open previously made S&T maps

    If you have spent a lot of time and effort creating maps in previous versions, stick with the previous version! The lack of updated maps is better than completely loosing all of your work. The worst part of it is that they don't even tell you this until you have "Upgraded" and erased your previous version.