Official Website of Rajiv Gandhi Government Ayurvedic College Paprola - Located in the shadows of Dhauladar Hills, blessed by Baba Baijnath (Lord Shiva) and situated at the bank of Binva khud, Paprola village is proud of its Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College.

  • DEPARTMENTS - Situated in the lap of Dhauladhar in Himachal Pradesh this college is famous for quality Ayurvedic education and is one of the best institute in India.

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    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • khireasha - No not yet I didn't see any results yet as ...

    No not yet I didn't see any results yet as of 08-04-15 and im done the whole bottle tomorrow it's a sixty day supply so it may take some time for me to see my results or I may need to order more

  • Greg B. - Far above all other blenders

    I got this item to replace my old blender that I purchased at wal-mart. My main purpose for blending is for smoothies in the morning (yogurt, greens and berries) and for making salad dressing or other cooking liquids.

  • apodtoo - Nutritious, Toddler-Approved, but WAY too much sugar

    For awhile, especially when sick, my 20-month-old was NOT in the mood for eating, so I bought Pedia-Sure to make sure he was getting some nutrition to help get him through his illness. He loves the taste and drinks it all without hesitation, and I guess I'm pleased that he's getting the nutrition it provides, but WHOA on the 18 grams of sugar! I don't really allow my kids to have a lot of sugar - a few graham cookies as an afternoon snack coupled with diluted juice is all I really allow - and I definitely noticed a change in him after drinking a PediaSure. He was bouncing off the walls! This is something I really only save for during an illness. I definitely wouldn't recommend it being part of a daily nutrition regimen. There are a lot of other dietary supplements that will provide the vitamins without all the sugar - try BRAT Organics for starters.

  • carolyn segel drapkin - Product just OK

    The new version is too slow when changing between companies. Don't know why they upgraded the new one does not seem to have too many improvements!!

  • Nakisha M. Mitchell - Best Curl definer for Natural hair

    I have naturally curly hair. This product works beautifully. I use it when my hair is dry and it expands to nice coils. I will definitely purchase it again.