Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - Tratamiento osteopático en Bogotá - Ofreciendo tratamientos y cursos de osteopatia en Bogotá.La Escuela Osteopática Integral ofrece cursos dedicados a la formación y capacitación de profesionales de la salud en el área de osteopatía y el masaje terapéutico en Bogotá. Así mismo provee de atención de osteopat;ia y medicina alternativa a pacientes que busquen mejorar su salud y calidad de vida. Sus instalaciones se encuentran ubicadas en Bogotá, Colombia en la calle 120 No. 7-60.

  • Dra. María Lucía Martínez Lesmes - Médico Osteópata - Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - Especialistas en osteopatía en Bogotá. - Osteópata y Especialista en Medicina Física y Rehabilitación. Dicta cursos a Médicos y Fisioterapeutas en su consultorio y en la UNAL de Colombia, Bogotá.
  • Nuestras instalaciones - Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - Especialistas en osteopatía en Bogotá. - Conozca las instalaciones de la Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana ubicada en la calle 120 No. 7-60 en Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Conozca más sobre la osteopatía - Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - Especialistas en osteopatía en Bogotá. - Aprenda por qué debe consultar a un osteópata, para qué sirve la osteopatía, en que consiste el tratamiento osteopático y los principios en los que se basa esta ciencia.
  • Formación en Osteopatía - Próximos cursos - Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - La escuela ofrece continuamente cursos de Osteopatía estructural, visceral, craneo sacral y pediátrica. Conozca nuestros cursos actuales,
  • Contacto - Escuela Osteopática Integral Colombiana - Especialistas en osteopatía en Bogotá. - Pongase en contacto con la escuela para más información sobre nuestros cursos, para comenzar su tratamiento o cualquier otra duda que tenga.

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  • Bruce L. - Argh!! Why is all my s/w unresponsive?? Now I know...

    Today, I logged on to Amazon to renew my subscription of Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus. I was surprized to see such a low average review of 2 1/2 stars. Then I read the reviews. OMG!! Other people who are experiencing what I've been stymied with: "such-and-such is unresponsive". Usually it's been I.E. 8 and my mail client. But it sometimes effects other programs as well. I ran Registry tuners, ran defrag, ran Ccleaner. No avail; the problem would no go away. Like others, I also have a powerful computer, easily running cpu and ram intensive programs. This problem had me stumped. I was ready to wipe and reload my hard drive. Then I read the reviews on this page. PCTools has been my most trusted s/w provider with Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus being my favorite utility. But any longer. The intense feelings of frustration that I have felt, waiting for my computer to "unfreeze", make me feel betrayed by PCTools. I expect a company of their size and REPUTATION to do a much better job. I'm done with PCTools.

  • Michael Kidd - Disappointing

    I took this product faithfully for a month and it produced no discernible increase in my energy. The taste is ok but not great.

  • Kindle Customer - more a question than review

    i just got these for my wife. i have the mens top flite clubs. i'm a beginner. this women's set comes with a sand wedge and not a pitching wedge? is that odd? i thought a bare bones set would always have a pitching wedge. i use mine constantly when i'm up near the green. it's by far the easiest club i have to use. i'm not saying anything negative about this set. it looks great. i'm just curious what more experienced golfers think. worst case scenario i get her a cheap pw...

  • Bubbi - Rescued

    Tried this; nearly 2 months now. Starting to see some encouraging results. My hair feels thicker and can no longer feel or see my "balding spot" in the back. My hair in general definitely feels fuller, especially close to my scalp. I'm looking forward to see what more develops over the next few weeks!

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic Seat Covers

    Fantastic seat covers that fit perfectly and wear very well. I received them for Christmas last year and they still look new.

  • B. Alleman - Great monitor at the right price!

    After using a 17" square LCD monitor for 10 years, I decided it was time for a new wide screen monitor. Because there is very little bezel at the top and sides, this monitor takes up less space than other so-called 24" models. The matte finish is just what I wanted, and colors seem very true. The only con is the difficulty adjusting brightness, etc. with the tiny buttons on the bottom of the screen. I haven't noticed any light spots on dark backgrounds that several had mentioned. In fact, the picture is perfect in my opinion.

  • Lee A. McKeever - ... elsewhere) that indicated that it helped to give a better fit right up until the weight limit for the ...

    I got the tiny fit option because I'd read several reviews (on Amazon and elsewhere) that indicated that it helped to give a better fit right up until the weight limit for the tiny fit insert. That might be true for babies who are short but chunky, but it didn't end up being the case for my tall-n-skinny babe. At 18lbs and ~29" he was far too tall for the insert. If your kiddo is also tracking along a higher height percentile than weight percentile you can probably save yourself a few bucks going with the non-tiny fit option. The seat is still great without it.