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  • Karen Fanning - DELICIOUS!!!

    Snapple Apple has been my FAVORITE drink since I lived in the Boston area my whole life. It was only available at one store, very hard to find, but Oh, SO worth it!! I didn't realize when I moved to Colorado almost 8 years ago that I would have no access to my favorite beverage. I have begged stores here to carry it...one place said yes, but they can't get it from the distribution center or some such thing! I went back home in 2011, and brought back 2 cases, but it doesn't last long in my house. You have to drink it very cold, and it tastes like a fresh, crisp, just picked red apple when you first sip it. It is not like any other apple juice or apple drink. There is a crispness to the ice-cold juice that is amazing. So refreshing, kind of sweet. I have since found it here on Amazon, thank goodness, and have purchased it once myself; my daughter also bought me some once as a gift. Nice daughter, eh?? Funny, though...when it arrived, it was shipped from the city back home where that one store was that carried it. Hmmm...small world, same Snapple!!

  • Everyday Guy - An EPIC Fail by any measure

    I've been using Quicken for over 20 years and can't understand how a product that once was excellent has turned into horrible. From lost data to inaccurate totals, the inability to handle complex or large numbers of stock transactions the product is no longer usable. I've spent countless hours on the phone ( with folks in India) who are always "is there anything else I can help you with" yet the promised responses/fixes never occur and the software just continues to get worse.. I have a high end i7 PC and the software runs painfully slow. I know this is due to my high volume of transactions (yeah I've got a lot of history with Quicken) but the only recommendation I could get was archive your data and start fresh. I did and 14 months later again I spend most of my time waiting for calculations to process or seeing "Not Responding" in the title bar.Like many other users, I'm at wits end and would change in a HEARTBEAT to a competitor software. QUICKEN -PLEASE fix it in 2015!!!!!!