Orgasm Shot (R) [O-Shot(R)] Official Website for the Procedure - Orgasm Shot (R) [O-Shot (R)] explained. How the procedure improves sex drive, orgasm, and painful intercourse (dyspareunia). Also, how it cures urinary incontinence (stress or urge). Interviews of the inventor, Charles Runels, MD and of patients who had procedure.

  • Learn to do the O-Shot (orgasm shot) procedure - The inventor of the O-Shot (R) procedure (the Orgasm Shot) invites physicians and nurse practitioners to learn the procedure.
  • Research | O-Shot® - Supporting Research for the O-Shot® Procedure 1.  Runels CE, Melnick H, Roy L, DeBourbon E., A Pilot Study of the Effect of Localized Injections of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Laser Enhanced O-Shot® Helps Genital Mismatch (GM) - The inventor of the LEO procedure, Charles Runels, describes how the procedure can be used to treat genital mismatch or to enhance the pleasure in normally functioning couples.
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  • Charlie in PA - Reasonable read about American Politics

    Jon Ronson made a good case about the political power brokers. I would prefer an equal time review of both parties because both major parties in US politics are extremely corrupt.

  • David Blain - Great Way to Ease Into The Master Cleanse...

    First off, let me talk about the negatives. The only REAL negatives is the pricing, but I won't let that effect my review of the product. For those who want to do this more than for 2 days, the 2 pack is excellent, however I think it's absolutely insane that you spend over $80 for a 6 pack when a 2 pack is only $22 and only $19 if you subscribe. Who in the HELL does their math? The more you buy is supposed to be cheaper? So I just ended up buying 3 orders at $19.00 each...

  • Kindle Customer - Fantastic Game, too bad you can't own it.

    Been playing Spore all day. The game is fun as hell and offers an interesting perspective of creation vs evolution. Characters created can vary from being cute lil fuzzy dudes you'd find on a saturday morning cartoon to monstrosities that put the Creatures in "The Mist" to shame. It's a shame that you can't actually OWN this game. It's one hell of an expensive rental and that's it. You're going to spend around $50 for a game that you don't even own. I can't, in good conscience recommend anyone buying this game other then to try it out. You'll get hooked, but then, oppsie, you don't really own the game. It's a damn shame how EA ruined this fantastic game by tying it the the albatross known as DRM. Digital Restrictions Managment, as I'd like to call it. The sad part is, it's mostly intelligent people who shop here at Amazon, and we already know how diseased this game is with performance stealing, virus-like DRM. If you don't mind infecting your computer with DRM and spend a good chunk of money on what is essentially a rental, then buy this game. But if you want to see corrupt anti-consumer practices like infecting good software with DRM (that could potentially harm your machine) then avoid this game and wait till EA releases a DRM-free version. If enough people avoid this game and let it be known that we paying customers are not criminals that want to have our computers infected with virus-like DRM , then hopefully when Sims 3 comes out I could buy it with out infecting my computer. Now if you can excuse me, I have to uninstall this game and hopefully get rid of the DRM infection.

  • womanonamission - Good Deal

    I admit I purchased this based on cost and the favorable reviews. I figured if it didn't work out I didn't lose too much. Imagine my surprise when the first printed items were in very good condition. I was also happy that you can still recycle the cartridge. I just need to determine if there is a cost to do so. I just started this cartridge and I hope that it lasts for the full 2,000 prints. It takes a while for me to go through a cartridge (about a year) but hopefully all will remain well.