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  • Trish Wiltshire - Safe, effective--finally losing weight!

    Really helps to ease my appetite and "bingy" cravings especially after dinner. I've lost 8lbs with no side effects and no stringent diet--am just not over eating. Even when eating my favorite foods I find I am satisfied quickly. I researched the ingredients before trying--nothing pharmaceutical and seems natural/healthy.....I wondered if I was wasting my money but could not be happier!

  • Amazon Customer - Sayman Salve

    We use this usually beyond the date as it would be a waste otherwise and seems to perform well. But I just checked on the day of this salve and Tuesday, 9/13 and the expiration date is 3/17? Only good for 6 months??

  • Justin and Danielle - Light and effective

    Love this product. My hair when naturally air dried tends to become very dried out and "poofy" - this oil helps control the dryness and give it a healthy sheen. The oil itself is extremely lightweight so it doesn't weigh down your hair or make it feel greasy (unless you use too much). I like the scent as well, although at some times it can be a bit strong like I am wearing too much perfume. If you have problems with dry hair I would definitely give this a shot.

  • Amazon Customer - You get what you pay for . . .

    First off the PDF import does NOTwork.You get a message stating, "TaxACT's PDF importing capability is currently down for maintenance" I tried over several days and several different PDFs (with 4 teenage kids I operate a small tax firm). So either TaxAct is lying about being down for maintenance or they are having a terrible time fixing the problem.