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  • LaQuana - this is June 5 seeds still have not grew

    I purchased because of the great reviews. my husband and I follow all the directions it's been 3 1/2 weeks and still no grass. i wonder if we live in the wrong zone. We need grass real bad!!! Please help!!!! it is June 5th now and still no grass. I need to know how do I get a credit to my account this was a waste of money over 30.00 dollars at that not cheap.

  • Andrew J. Riemer - Buy for the value cards OR as a collector's item

    While there are many opinions out there as to the merit of this deck as being playable out of the box, I'm going to focus on the value of the set. It's a great buy (especially if purchased at its MSRP). At the date of this writing, the value of the cards in the set averages around $2.00 per card, with some major value coming from a Sword of Feast and Famine, and Elspeth, Knight-Errant. You also get a playset (a quantity of four) of Isolated Chapel (Black-White dual land), two Inquisition of Kozlek, and three Path to Exile, among other cards.

  • B4 It's 2 Late - Great selfie ring light for photos and video

    Great product that fits on my phone just perfect. It takes two AAA batteries and has an on/off button which provides you with three levels of lighting. It gives a nice even light without the harsh flash. It works even better for video calls. It easily clips onto your phone and holds secure in place. Obviously it's a light so it could come in handy to use in other situations as well. I purchased this product at a discounted price and am very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone who takes selfie pics and knows how poor lighting ruins so many shots. 


    Great concept and high quality as pictured in advertising hides the fact that mine only "kind of fit" and appear cheap out of the box. Seem to be highly functional but the only esthetic value is the highly touted least your buddies know what you paid for them. Summary...... driver's side fits almost o'k, passenger side doesn't fit, the installed look isn't worth the money.

  • Daniel Gin - Wired to wireless

    After a couple months of owning this I had to come back and review this. In my car I've installed an aftermarket radio which has no bluetooth but it does have an aux port and when I saw that I realized how easily that problem could be solved. Having a wire run from the radio to the device is just messy and would rather have music just stream through my phone. I had no trouble connecting this with an iPhone 6 plus and running spotify or anything. The aukey portable bluetooth receiver also has forward, back, pause, and play functionality so you don't have to reach for your phone while driving to skip to the next song which is crazy convenient. I recommend this to anybody.

  • DavidMullen - very good for what I was looking for

    very good for what I was looking for. Very pleased,& was able to contact the people at finale,they were very informative,& helpful.Very pleased.

  • J. Hynes - For Sensitive skin!

    Excellent for sensitive skin. My skin breaks out after almost everything, and it immediately calmed down after I started using this exclusively. It leaves my skin soft and clean, yet does not strip any moisture out (it is completely NON FOAMING). I have since tried many other "sensitive" facial washes, and none have compared to this one. It even removes make-up if massaged thoroughly (might need a rinse and second pass).