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  • petrock - Smoke and Mirrors

    any probiotic ( greek yogurt ) in moderation will improve your processing of food and make the gut more efficient. NOTE, a more efficient gut = more absorption! Consider that. One can actually GAIN weight when gut efficiency is improved without an adjustment in whats taken in and that's the real trick.

  • Steven - Worked great on heavy stone

    I used this to hold together some heavy onyx pieces it worked amazing! It does expand so make sure you have a good clamp on it. Also when expanded it oozed out a bit so I was wiping the excess every few minutes to keep it from drying on the finished parts.

  • GaryBerger - The most effective OTC product for Poison Ivy

    I came down with a brutal case of poison ivy, fortunately it was only on my legs, but it was still making me miserable. I found several products that did a good job of providing temporary relief (and at a much more reasonable price). However, this is the only one that actually reduced the rash, blisters, etc., in addition to providing relief from the itching. I started using it Friday night and went through the whole tube with repeated washings Friday and Saturday. Saturday night was my first uninterrupted night of sleep in a week. The improvement in appearance on Sunday was remarkable. Yes, the price is outrageous, but it does work. Anyone who wants to argue about the scientific validity of the claims made by the manufacturer can be my guest, the bottom line is it produces results.

  • Michael Arbet - Perfect

    This is the most comfortable mouse pad I've ever had. I'm actually using it with Kensington Orbit Trackball instead of the rubber support which came with it. Its just perfect combination. Even with a mouse.

  • R. Cheng - Well built!

    Not your average case, but this is really solid. It's a sleek black, very low profile, and double guarded. The rubber is a bit slippery at first. Otherwise, great product.

  • william soos - lost all passwords

    I bought webroot from best buy last year when we purchased 2 new pc's,when it was time to renew I clicked the renew button and was redirected to best buy.I purchased webroot and entered the new key code.I could not get the password manager to sign in,so I called webroot who had me on the phone for over one hour as their tech "worked' on the problem he made no sounds,I didn't even know if he was still there.He explained that because I bought the new key code from best buy that I would lose all my saved passwords.Twice I had to let him take over my pc from his location and he still could not "fix" the problem.He told me that the previous tech we had written to had screwed everything up and I would need to wait 24 hours and he would call me back and try to get it fixed.The tech.had an attitude and basically grunted answers to me.I would never buy webroot again or recommend it to anyone else.