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  • Pla77 - Sold me on the Kinect

    I purchased the Kinect as a gift but they turned it down due to a lack of space. So, I didn't really want it either as it seemed like a fun gimmick (that was the idea of the gift just a fun gimmick). I tried the Adventure Sports game and thought it was fun but not really targeted to my age. So I picked this up on sale because I was on an exercise kick.

  • Dirty C - Adapter worked perfectly!!!

    I purchased this adapter to mount my LG computer monitor on a dual arm desk mount. The back of my monitor had a VESA 100x200 mounting pattern instead of a standard 100x100 or 75x75. This adapter attached perfectly to the back of the monitor and made it easy to attach it to the mounting plate on the desk mount. The adapter plate is very durable and isn't too heavy, so it won't add a lot of weight when used. I would highly recommend this adapter for any one that has a 100x200 mount pattern and needs to use a standard VESA mount. If needed I would purchase this adapter again.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Battery for travels where you are outdoors most of ...

    Great Battery for travels where you are outdoors most of the time, helped me out to charge my phone several times

  • Amanda - Another amazing book by Bella Forrest!

    I wasn't sure about this book at first. I am used to Bella Forrest's writing in her amazing series, A Shade Of Vampire so, when I started this book I expected some type of paranormal/sci-fi..... But no, it was based on men & women. I was pleasantly surprised though. I really enjoyed Violets point of view into this new society of people Bella has created. Once again, I loved this book & can't wait for the second one!!!

  • Lee Thornton - Over all good product.

    Packaged and shipped well. Came on time and looked great out of box. Rubber seal was missing and was part C on instructions. This is the part between hood and grill. Took some time to install because the medal clamps would not stay in. After moving off road wiring lights around and using old clips I got grill to stay in place. Over all it looks great on my Jeep and I have received many complements.

  • Kristeen R. - This product is AWESOME. I tried it a couple years ago with ...

    This product is AWESOME. I tried it a couple years ago with little success but it was due to my poor weekend habits. I started this back up again after trying many different other products that achieved minimal results. I decided to try this again because of the hundreds of flavor variations and the taste is just phenomenal in my opinion. I am trying to watch my sugar too and this has less than a gram. Since I began using this product again a couple months ago, I've lost seventeen pounds!! I haven't been the weight I am currently at in over five years. Now, with that being said, I've heard some negative reviews of this product as well and I admittedly was amongst that group, however, it was due to my poor habits. If you stick with it (two shakes a day, 400 calorie meals), and exercise for at least half an hour 3-4 times a week, you will achieve results. I keep a food journal as well in Excel which is a great way to ensure that you are not consuming more than you should be.

  • Betsy - Great as a second stroller for NYC moms.... Feeling so fly in my GLite

    We love the Uppa Baby G Lite!! I have a bugaboo that we call the cruiser and we do still use it occasionally, when we are "cruising" but we grab this one more often. We were in need of a stroller that my husband could carry down our 6 flights of stairs with the baby in tow and it works great for that. Also maneuvering the subways works like a charm. The shoulder strap is key and also the fact that it stands by itself so it isn't on the dirty streets while you are finagling with baby. Only three complaints. Wish it reclined! It's fairly upright, I know the other Uppa baby does but it also is heavier. Having another strap so it was more like a back pack when carrying would be great. The sunshade is pretty worthless. I ideally put a hat on her because it doesn't seem to keep the sun out of her eyes.