Université de Montréal - Département de nutrition - Le département de nutrition de l'université de Montréal est le seul à faire partie d'une Faculté de médecine au Canada. Des activités d'enseignement aux 3 cycles d'études, de recherche et formation continue y prennent place.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -73.6191 Quebec, Canada

  • Bruce Cathie - Decent shape but missing item

    Text book arrived in decent shape but has some writing inside it. Also, the book was supposed to come with a CD and/or activation code

  • Alexandra - Like this jacket, but tears easily.

    I bought this for my boyfriend and within a few months of wear already had several tears. Good company, but this rain jacket is a bit flimsy for the price.

  • William - Magic Jack is Awesome!

    I really do like having a phone at home and not have to pay a monthly fee for it. I have been so happy with mine that I have recommended it to 2 additional friends, one has already purchased hers and she loves it too.

  • James - I used this product along with some good injector cleaner and my check engine light has been ...

    My check engine light was on for a few months and the Subaru deal told me I needed to replace a catalytic converter, for $1000. I used this product along with some good injector cleaner and my check engine light has been off for six months and my car with 150k miles is running better than at 100k.

  • Amazon Customer - does work well tastes good

    I lost 2 lbs in 4 days . I like the taste and was seeing results the only thing is it raises my BP-its too bad for me- I thought I found my gold mine in losing weight,. I still give it a 5 star rating. I had to stop using it only for that reason. I am unfortunately highly sensitive to Caffeine.. even though green coffee extract not suppose to increase bp but it did to mine.. its still a good product for those who can have caffeine.. I say use this instead of coffee and you will get nutrition and lose weight at the same time and get the boost you need in the morning. Good luck to everyone's journey in achieving their best.


    This product sucks. I believe it was released too early. I use one step update everyday. When I upgraded to 2014, one step caused Quicken to immediately close. When I tried to manually import transactions, it also closed.

  • Kkerri11 - Already loving this face serum!!

    If you haven't used any of the ingredients in this serum, you are definitely missing out. This serum includes a variety of excellent skin helping ingredients. This includes witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and green tea. Better yet, most of the ingredients are organic and the item is not tested on animals!