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  • Casey Haven - At Last ! Technology In A Kitchen Product!

    OK, I have been cooking for a good 30 years and a decent deep fat fryer has always been a wish of mine but I knew that like most kitchen appliances it would likely be designed by a group think bunch of men who do not have a fog of an idea of what it's actually used for, so it was easy for me to resist the urge to buy another GM equivalent of a deep fat fryer that would end up just another piece on the heap at the local Good Will. But upon reading the specs on this baby, it actually seemed as if someone did their homework here..! YIPES...this is like the number one rule of product design in money by not doing any prior research and pass the savings on to the consumer by spending more on advertising. These being my assumptions I was happily surprised after purchasing this product.

  • Jewelry Lover - consistency of play dough - harder to use than expected

    I was anxious to try this product because I was anxious to cover several wrenches without rubber grips. This item did not perform as I'd expected, though I really didn't know what to expect.

  • Amazon Customer - Music that every library must have

    An old favorite I must have for the road. Now that I am begining to get many of my books mobile time to do the music.

  • Josh Cooper with the dog howard - Quick book review

    I have recently switched from the PC to MAC version of quickbooks and there are two things that the Mac version is missing, that I consider a huge shortcoming on its part..

  • Amazon Customer - Can't beat that price!

    Yes, I did my research..this was the cheapest I've found for this size. I love this particular brand for my newborn, it's the closes thing to breastmilk with the added nutrients. It is absorbed faster, as well (just like breastmilk) so the drawback is your baby gets hungry easily (in 2-3 hrs.) I highly recommend this product for those supplementing or strictly formula-feeding.

  • Zdenek Hanzlik - the book reads as the Neutron Bomb manual.

    I do not like it but it is what dirty humanity go through otherwise we all would be Perfect as THEM. The book certainly should be presented to evry person who has fakedbook account and does comments on the present News bulletins . Some of the references made are as if reading Comintern handout or Gobles bureau report . Is good that Mr. King conscience produced such compendium of the persons and characters whose concepts we everyday go along buy and sell. What I miss on it is the Thought of Cognizance - is it Rothschilds and their fellow travellers ? alone ? Is it not and effective idea what our stupid lazy ignorance discount to our universe and what we take as Our own. Well if it would not be Rothschilds Shiffs Warburghs Rockefellers Astors Brezinskis Wolfowitzes Kristols Tellers Cohens Friedmans Jabotinskis Netanyahues Frankie Levy from Filakovo Trotskies Poroshenkos Zucklebers Nuland Kagans Podhoretzes Pol Pots Musks Blairs it surely would be some other names relating to personal gravity of human like carbohydrates what would represents the same conceptual self justification in our memory less universe. The Idea of what we are running here shop for ? Perhaps this book with its historic-hysteric potential might stimulate someone to formulate the Question WHY ? What for ? and FIAT of the Human race. This Planet is not Rothschild's this Planet belong to people are Capable to ask everyday Themselves - Who we are. But so far we are run by CULT of blood related fools who vend on us their YES Market Intelligence . Disturbing read in 21 st century as we are more in dinosaur stage it is as Neutron bomb on book shelf. Well done, might be better.