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  • elizaaa - Not worth your time...

    I recieved the freedompop hub on January 3rd 2015 and it is now January 7th 2015. I paid the special Christmas price of $29.99, a steal right? Turn out a steal all right...within the last 3 days I got charged 10 dollars for going over their 500mb and then my account is on hold as of today for using the additional GB they added without my consent and told me I owe them money. I only used my computer for 3 TV shows and a couple of emails in the last 3 days!!! After spending countless hours on the phone this morning and looking at the reviews I am so upset that I got myself into this. 4 days..... I am returning this item today if I have to spend my own money on it! Not worth the aggravation and mistrust. From what I've read I may change my bank account as well to protect myself....Customer service need some serious work, they need to be clear about their business practices, charges and how much data you actually use. If you need basic basic internet to just quickly log in and out this is for you but make sure you're willing to wait for hours on the phone to just cancel or talk you someone about your charges. I had to wait 4 hrs, talk to 5 different people in order to FINALLY get some help! Here's hoping they give me back my money...but I'm not holding my breath

  • mark - Junk

    This product works amazing at first. But after you use whatever it is that was treated, it wears off almost immediately. I personally used it on several pairs of boots as it showed in the promo video. I applied it ***EXACTLY*** as instructed, and yes it was hydrotrophic for a few hours, until it started to rub off. For its insane price for both the base and top coats I was totally disappointed. Go buy a waterproofing spray from your hardware store. It will be cheaper and last longer.

  • HawnLys - Tried other security suites and always go back to Norton

    Norton has been my preferred security suite for quite a long time. I have tried other security suite programs and always return to using Norton. Some internet services providers offer free or low-cost security software but they never seem to have the features I've grown accustom from Norton.

  • Line Boutin - The best invention after running shoes.

    Works very well If you use it regularly, I've been using it for almost a year now (almost every day for 1 hour) and I've discovered muscles that I never taught existed. I am more toned then ever (yes, I have a kid and the excess fat on the lower belly was not going away whatever else I tried) . I can confirm that this one is really working...don't get me wrong, it's not going to work on it's own (little bit of power-walk, Pilates, drinking lots of water, no evening snacks, no wine at all during the week and very moderately on the weekend). I've lost 25 pounds in total in 6 months.

  • Ricardo E. Gonzalez M. - EXCELENTE!!


  • Amazon Customer - Great program, like it better than online current version.

    Long time user of MS Access. Needed to get a current license for new computer so had to buy another copy. This is new and had no problems setting it up and registering.

  • D. K. Howard - $50 down the... Gas Tank

    I tried two bottles of this stuff and it did not work for me. My check engine light came back on after resetting it. Very disappointed.