Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation: New Leaf Treatment Center - The New Leaf Center provides pain management and treatment for drug & alcohol addiction as well as expert training and legal witnesses.

  • http://www.nltc.com/programs/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Programs - New Leaf Treatment Center offers services to adults and adolescents suffering from addiction, chemical dependency problems, or chronic pain.
  • http://www.nltc.com/programs/pain-management/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Pain Management - The management of chronic pain is a major focus of our efforts. Services are offered to addicted people with co-occurring pain & to non-addicted people
  • http://www.nltc.com/programs/youth-outpatient-treatment/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Youth Outpatient Treatment - Among Bay Area youth, there is a widespread use of marijuana, tranquilizers, pain medications (Oxycontin), stimulants (Adderall), and alcohol.
  • http://www.nltc.com/programs/adult-outpatient-treatment/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Adult Outpatient Treatment - The New Leaf Model offers 12 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol problems. Treatment starts with helping the client to stop using or INITIATE ABSTINENCE.
  • http://www.nltc.com/programs/drug-detox/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Drug Detox - This following outlines the New Leaf Treatment Center drug detox philosophy. Drug Detoxification is a free-standing service incorporated into our Programs.
  • http://www.nltc.com/educational-products/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Educational Products - Our affordable products equip families and professionals in the fight against addiction. We offer a free trial for people interested in our curriculum.
  • http://www.nltc.com/training-services/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Training Services - We offer instruction for professionals interested in learning about drug addiction and the patient. You will work with our Physicians & Counselors.
  • http://www.nltc.com/blog/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Blog - Providing a Medical Approach to the treatment of addictive disease & providing pain management sensitive to the persons with addictive disease.
  • http://www.nltc.com/resources/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Resources - In our commitment to education, we strive to provide the public with resources to battle the fatal disease of addiction.
  • http://www.nltc.com/about-us/ New Leaf Treatment Center | About Us - Since 1996, New Leaf Treatment Center has provided treatment to adults and adolescents with addictive disease and other chemical dependency problems.
  • http://www.nltc.com/endorsements/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Endorsements - Alex Stalcup, MD, is an expert who has that unique ability to speak with authority and yet uses an easy going and direct style of communicating.
  • http://www.nltc.com/contact-us/ New Leaf Treatment Center | Contact Us - Do you have a question or concern that we can help with? Contact us here and one of our representatives will contact you.

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    This is exactly what I wanted for my iPad Pro - a cover with a secure stylus holder. It does add substantially to the weight, but that is reasonable for the protection it provides. The surface of the cover is nice looking and grippable.

  • Amazon Customer - How to fix this garbage when it breaks

    This unit has a very crappy thermal fuse. I used it once and went back to use it a second time and it didn't work. I used it outside on a cool day so it was not broken from overheating by being in a confined space. If you take off the covers on the bottom of feet there are 4 screws which disassemble the body. Near the plug there is a small thermal fuse linked by two little screws. You can override it by just removing it and using a piece of copper wire in its place (the unit does not have a fail safe now), or you can spend around 5 bucks on amazon or ebay and buy a replacement fuse (just search thermal fuse 121 or you could get one at an even higher temp). Other than that you can throw it out.

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