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  • Suzy - Fun yet short

    My son really wanted this game after seeing the Jurassic World movie. We are big fans of the "Lego" line of video games. He really enjoyed playing this game, and especially when he was able to be the dinosaurs. Just wished that there were more levels for him to do, honestly he beat this game in about 3 days, and it's not like he played for hours on end just a few here and there. We did like how much the game had in common with the movie itself. Overall this a great game for kids.

  • Denise - Exciting New Series

    This is an exciting new series, but best of all it is entwined with her popular Ujal series. You get to see how your favourite characters are doing and find new ones. I really enjoyed this book. It has a endearing dragon who can be sweet, honourable but in the protection of his mate he will stomp on his enemies. His mate Melissa is human and she will also fight for her mate but what she lacks in claws and fangs, she makes up for in brains. Theirs is the first human dragon mating. Let the story begin. Thank you so much to Celia Kyle (Erin Tate) for this lovely review copy. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to find out who is next to find his mate. If you liked the Ujal Series you will love this new one too.

  • Gladys Davis - No Support

    My experience with Kaspersky has been a nightmare. I purchase Pure for 3 devices. It all began last year whe I was prompted to renew my subscription and as it turned out I had 6 month left on my current subscription When I brought this to Kaspersky's attention that I was losing 6 months of coverage I was told there was nothing they could do for me. Finally I spoke with someone who realized their error and was sent 6 emails that would cover 30 days at a time This year when I attempted to use these extentsons I kept getting a message that my license had expired. I spoke with a representative from sales and all she could tell me was I had to talk to support. When I talked to support I was told I had to talk to sales. Sounds like a round around to me. Finally I asked for a refund on the 6 months they stole from me and today I received a message that the time allowed for refunds has passed. What ever you do do not sign up for automatic renewals and by all means keep records of all communication and representatives names and dates. Needless to say Kapersky will never have an opportunity to steal from me again😭