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  • Annie wooding - really good app

    Just needs English translation and it would be better but other then that it's a good app I'm glad they got it on tablets

  • Philip Dawson - A Very Nice Addition

    I love my new (used) Scion XD but one of my arms felt left out. The left one could sit on the door thing-a-majingy but my right one, well it did not have a thing-a-majingy.

  • train_depot - Nicely made but very poor design

    This thing CAN make very nice pocket hole joints but the markings on the jig are USELESS. I set it up exactly as it says in the instructions with exactly the right screw type and screw length and with the jig set to exactly the matching dimensions of my wood. Then I tried 3 times to make a joint. EVERY time the wood split on the face of the rail (assuming standard rail and stile construction). The pocket hole comes out far too close to the face with the tip of the screw about 1/8" from the face. No wonder it splits. So I then adjusted it by trial and error and got it to work fine by essentially lying about the thickness of my stock. Setting it to 5/8" instead of 3/4" and then eyeballing the depth gauge on the drill bit rather than using the built in guide made it work. I would have really been bummed if I hadn't practiced on some scrap stock firs.

  • Nique - Works wonders!

    I really do believe hot gro works! I have really thin spots along my hairline due to years of individual braids. I tried this product and within two-three weeks I really began to see a difference. My hair that had not really grown in years began to thicken up. I've been using it for about a year. The only downsides I've noticed is that if you stop using it my hair doesn't grow like it does when I use it and it is extremely greasy. I usually use it at night and give it a chance for my hair to absorb the product

  • Catrina - Good read

    Even though much of this book has already been revealed in the press and cable tv,this is still worth tour time and money if you are a poliical junkie like me. It is well researched and written with no partisan agenda. Great review by a great journalist. Highly recommended.

  • Rachel - Best Matress Ever!!!

    I bought this king size mattress on Kickstarter. I have had back problems since I was 14 years old and have been seeing a chiropractor at least monthly (usually more) since then. This mattress is the best thing that has ever happened to my back! I don't toss and turn at night and I wake up well rested in the morning. I recommend this mattress to all of my friends!