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  • Vaccine Safety Questioned by Top Doctors and Scientists - Vaccine Safety? Are vaccines today more dangerous than the diseases? Are vaccines even effective?
  • Coconut Oil Health Benefits - Coconut oil health benefits have been know for hundreds of years in traditional cultures in tropical regions of the world.
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  • Vacina contra gripe: Leia antes de tomar - Oito perguntas que para responder antes de receber ou dar a sua familia qualquer a vacina contra gripe, ou qualquer vacina.
  • Como Proteger a Tireóide de Material Radioativo - A luz dos recentes acontecimentos em reatores nucleares do Japao, proteger a tireoide e a coisa mais importante que voce pode fazer.
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  • Environmental Working Group - Environmental Working Group's petition to stop government financing of Big Agro's pro-toxic pesticide campaign
  • Teens Happier, Healthier, More Alert with a Little Extra Sleep - Teens happier, healthier, more alert with a little extra sleep. Half-hour later school start time translates into significant benefits for teens.
  • Natural Cancer Cures: An Interview with Charlotte Gerson - Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, explains natural cancer cures as well as the oppression again cancer cures. Interview conducted by Mike Adams.

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  • CO_Nate - Small, clear reception.

    We bought our Acadia with no antenna, so this was a perfect addition. Stations all come in crystal clear now, and install was about as easy as you would expect (simply screw it in!) It's small enough to not even notice it.

  • Kathy Finfrock - Mac version misses key tools

    Word for Mac does not embed fonts. Nor will it retain your html links. Spent hours trying to do this only to find out that it isn't possible. Sorry I purchased it. My mistake for not reading the reviews.

  • karina w khalife - The best!!

    I'm shocked at these 1 star reviews! I've had my stroller for over 4 years with no problems at all! Easiest stroller to fold up, big storage compartment, plenty of accessories, smooth ride, and best stroller of all. Definitely my favorite!

  • JeepShootist - Slow and Under-Powered

    I used an old Remington rotary for the last twenty years. Compared to the Remington, this Norelco seems under-powered and slower to give a proper shave. The old Remington had the power to aggressively cut beard stubble on the first pass. This Norelco 2100 needs pass after pass to get the beard stubble off. It will give a decent shave if you stay with the operation long enough, but the constant sensation of being without proper power enough to do the job bugs me. I've read complaints of the plastic cover not being secure enough, but I'm pretty sure this is because of the improper hooking up the cover. With a bit of practice and experimentation, the cover goes on with a click and stays on quite well.