National Association of Seadogs - National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is a Nigerian charitable and humanitarian organisation and is the registered name for the group also known as the PYRATES CONFRATERNITY.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.8612 California, United States

  • dominique - Not main stream or club music

    After hearing Born Sinners, I was anxious for this album.Its not the same as Born Sinners but overall I really like it.I think it has a bit of an old school style rap to it and I can listen to it 5 years from now and still feel the songs.His songs are realistic (telling a story)to me compared to what other artist rap about.I feel like if you can't relate to some of his stories in his songs or comprehend his lyrics, your not gonna like the album.So to each it's own.I like what he created, just wish there were more tracks.

  • Krisr2005 - Only aquarium conditioner you'll ever need!

    Seachem is a great company that makes some top notch aquarium products. I use numerous products of theirs, my favorite being Purigen. During a Purigen refresh, the instructions said I needed to use Prime or another type of dechlorinate for the process. I ordered Prime for its intended use, but since I use it during routine water changes. It's a solid water conditioner that seems to work very well compared to other water conditioners found at pet stores or Walmart. Prime also has the benefit of doing much more than a typical conditioner. It promotes a slime coat, which other conditioners I've used did not do. It can also detoxify heavy metals and not much is required to treat an entire tank. 500ml will last quite a while, even when using once every 3-4 weeks in my 29 gallon tank. Most importantly, when it dechorinates water, it also has binders that render the resulting ammonia non-toxic. Some dechlorinators skip this step, so you're trading toxic chlorine with toxic ammonia. If you aren't aware of that, and use a product that detoxifies the resulting ammonia spike, you may wind up with sick or dead fish. Seachem Prime is an all in one solution for a conditioner, and its the only one you'll need.

  • kaguinn - ... itchy dachshund with Moosh and she feels so much better. I loved that it was natural and she ...

    We washed our itchy dachshund with Moosh and she feels so much better. I loved that it was natural and she smelled great when finished! Easy to rinse out too...2 thumbs up!

  • NH Wifey - Great calendar

    My husband and I are constantly wondering what phase of the moon we are in during the month. This is posted on the door to the garage and we look at it often. The way this calendar is set up is easy to read and the graphics are great. We will definitely buy another one for 2017

  • Amazon Customer - A valuable (and analytical) tool for better self-awareness

    This book's key value is in the petal exercise (the second half of the book) designed to help you better understand your personal likes, preferences, and needs when it comes to work and workplace selection. At first view I thought it was just another jumbled, brainstorm activity with little practical application and an unfortunate choice of a visual graphic. Bolles however provides methods for prioritizing items and assessing true needs, helping you to get "out of your head" and determine your real priorities. He then provides a method for simplifying hours worth of work and self-exploration into six simple bullets that guide your exploration of new careers and opportunities. The clarity of the results is impressive! A valuable resource.

  • eromeo56 - Works great!

    I work during the weekends nights and one of my friends needed to use my truck. After working all night I didn't want to stay awake and drive my truck, so I just gave my friend the combo to the hitch safe, that had my spare key to my truck. My friend was able to use my truck and I was able to go back to bed without getting up. The great part is that your able to change the lock combination easily. I own an 08 Honda Ridgeline and love using the hitch safe when I go out snow boarding or surfing at the beach I can leave all valuables in my vehicle without the worry of getting locked out. So far no problems I've had this hitch safe for over a year now and works like a charm.

  • Mimir - Arrived DOA and MFGR did not help

    Arrived dead on arrival. Motor worked, but did not eject balls (the ones that came with set). Called the manufacturer directly, less then helpful when they asked me to take pictures/video of the light being on and email since they did not believe I knew how to plug it in properly. Even then, no response for several weeks and when they finally did respond it was "so how is it working".