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  • Kaitlin Fox - Finally Feel Safe at Home

    Wow, this binder has really changed my life. Before I was always trying to fit into the corporate world. I wanted things like equal pay, safety from sexual harassment and the right to have health care coverage for birth control. But after purchasing this binder I feel totally put in my place. Now I know from the safety of my binder that men are much more capable of making these kinds of decisions for me. I obviously do not deserve equal pay because I am always asking for special accommodations, like leaving early to make dinner for my children- which is in no way, under any circumstances, a man's responsibility. Women are the one's who always cook dinner, every night. Asking to leave early for this purpose is a fair reason to pay us less for the same exact work. Also, sexual harassment I learned is actually just a man's way of showing his affection for me and reminding me of my weakness and inability to care for myself. Finally, birth control is in no way a right. Women are the vessels in which men plant their seed, from the safety of my binder I can be available for procreation at all times. I am so grateful for my binder. The world is such a simpler place from in here. It also has the added bonus of helping me control my emotions and preventing me from making irrational decisions like voting. 5 stars, Amazon!

  • Julie - It really works!

    I bought this kit from Walmart to repair a couple of scratches on my new black car. The ability of this kit to repair a scratch is based on how deep the scratch is. If you are expecting a miracle for a deep scratch, you need to lower your expectations to a more reasonable level. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to repair MINOR surface scratches. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, you need to purchase a second product to really make a difference (see link below). The two products together were less than $30 - money very well spent!