MX3 Food Supplements, Coffee, and Tea - MX3 Food Supplement is a natural food supplement derived from Garcinia mangostana which contains Pure Natural Xanthones that boost your body's health.

  • MX3 500mg Natural Pure Xanthone Capsule and MX Plus Capsule | MX3 - MX3 500mg Natural Pure Xanthone and MX3 Plus Capsule contains Xanthone, a very powerful antioxidant, which boosts your body's ability to prevent diseases.
  • MX3 Coffee Mix | MX3 - The Garcinia mangostana's rind and white inner fruit are rich in some of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered, blended with coffee for richer taste.
  • MX3 Tea | MX3 - MX3 NATURAL PURE XANTHONE TEA is made with whole Garcinia mangostana fruit pulp. The pulp has passed through a proprietary process that concentrates the
  • About MX3 | MX3 - MX3 food supplement, coffee, and tea are high-quality natural food supplement and organic beverages distributed in the Philippines and around the globe.
  • Video Blog | MX3 - MX3-THE BIZZ AMERICA AWARDS 2016 MX3 TVC- MX3 Coffee Mix Reformulated MX3 Testaments to Quality Excellence MX3 TVC- Integrity MX3 TVC- Love Your
  • FAQs | MX3 - What is Garcinia Mangostana Xanthone? Garcinia Mangostana Xanthone is an ultra tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia. One place of which is in Mindanao, in
  • Where to buy MX3 Capsule, MX3 Coffee, and MX3 Tea | MX3 - The MX3 website has a complete and user-friendly interface which lets you purchase all MX3 products. You may also check out the following outlets and stores
  • Contact Us | MX3 - DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. DMIRIE Center, J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City Tel. No. (082) 305-4400; 282-4004 to 05 Sales Department: (082) 282-8609 Fax

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  • Eureka Marijka - RUSTED -- and almost impossible to remove!

    I purchased this during it's inaugural year (2008). The owner was friendly and helpful when I called with questions, even supplied extra gaskets at no charge to fit my FJ Cruiser. It gave me great peace of mind during a 3-month trip through OK and TX, especially since it was little known and no one would've ever thought to look under the cap. Unfortunately, I should've removed it immediately afterwards instead of relying on it to hide my spare key, because it RUSTED! The pins are rusted, the latch is rusted, and there was rust on the inside of the rubber cap. The entire thing is currently soaking in a half can of WD-40 with a plastic bag tied over all. Wish me luck.

  • Thomas Silva - Awesome

    I used to use a G700s and I liked it a lot. It was a little high in the back & sometimes hurt my hand after awhile. This mouse is perfect & the battery lasts forever before needing a charge. Very pleased.

  • tc978 - doesn't work!!!!!

    Waste of money app....all it does its crash. Doesn't even show rankings or anything, mostly for blank pages that don't work

  • Nicolette Martin - Pleased

    Great product. I use this on my hair (4c) , my daughter (4a), and my son ( 3c). Wash days are much easier with no more screaming or difficulty combing. This is a must have in my house. Very pleased with this detangler. This also does not weigh hair down or cause flakes.