Molecular Cancer | Home page - <p><table><tr><td><p><i>Molecular Cancer </i>is an open access, peer-reviewed journal interested in attracting high-quality original research and reviews that present or highlight significant advances in all areas of cancer and related biomedical science.<br/><br/><i>Molecular Cancer </i>provides an important forum for exciting findings in cancer-related research, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to communicate information to specialists and the public. </p><p><i>Molecular Cancer</i> is interested in articles from basic, translational and clinical research. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: tumor biology, angiogenesis, animal models, metastasis, cancer antigens and the immune response to them, cellular signaling and molecular biology, epidemiology, genetic and molecular profiling of cancer targets, cancer stem cells, DNA damage and repair, cell cycle, apoptosis, virology and vaccine- and antibody-based cancer therapies.</p></td></tr></table></p>

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    I noticed a difference after the first time I did it, I am 5'2 and my problem area is my legs, I put them on my thighs and they look and feel amazing!! love love love this thank you fitted!!

  • akamarti - Barry shines alone.

    Barry has done solos before..........just not an entire album. I love it and can't wait for what comes next! No, it's not the's pure Barry and wonderful. I, too, miss the brothers' sound but he does a great job alone, too. Such feeling and emotion. (And still a family affair!)

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    Received this product free. SUPER GREAT PRODUCT!!! It works amazing. As a mother of 3 small kids, one of them being disabled it is very hard to check their temperature. This made it super easy to check it!! I love it and would recommend it to every mother out there.

  • Jim H - Good for simple tax situations, but hard if you have obscure or complicated taxes

    TaxAct is a decent product, don't get me wrong, but its assisted tax process is kludgy and not that helpful. If you have a relatively simple 1040 and some of the forms that TurboTax does not support except at much higher cost (Schedule C business income, Schedule D investment sales and the like), then definitely go with TaxAct. But if you have more complexity, newly married or second marriage and pulling together two tax situations with a little complexity, AMT, foreign investment tax (one of the surprisingly annoying secrets of buying a foreign corporation stock on the US exchanges), HSA, etc., then you will be disappointed I think with TaxAct. Maybe I didn't really "get" the interface, which would help support the problem when you think about it, but I gotta rate it a no for any real tax complexity.