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  • MARIE G BELL - I'll take it.

    This is a quality reel, casts very smoothly, no backlashes so far, at a very reasonable price. I have several more expensive reels that do not function as good

  • Lynn Luna - Works!

    Been getting bladder infections every few months for about a year so got on line and did some research. So glad I found these. As son as I feel an infection coming on I start on these and have not had to go back to the Dr or take antibiotics since.

  • carla s - great product

    I was nervous about some of the reviews I read on this, but decided to try it. We have inexpensive counter tops so what the heck. I am so glad we bought this product. Its easy!!!!!! If my wife and I can do this and have it look flawless, I think a monkey on crack could do it. All I can say is go for it and you'll be glad you did. P.S. WE have 30sq feet of counter and bought the 50sq ft package box and had plenty of everything. Great product, thanks Rust-Oleum.

  • baby pookie - NON STICK-I THINK NOT

    They must have changed the product or something because when it first came out, nothing stuck to it. The dull non stick side had writing on it and it was well worth the money. As the years went by, more and more food stuck to it and this evening I used a new box that has no writing on the dull side-aka nonstick side-and the writing is gone but so it the non stick ability. I made chicken wings tonight without any sauce or anything really sticky and I could not get the wings off the wrap without the top part completely sticking to it. I think I will just use the regular wrap and spray it with a non stick product as this is definitely not heavy duty nor is it non stick. I am really disappointed. I gave it three stars just because if you use it like regular foil and don't expect much-it is okay. I think Reynolds needs to go back to the drawing board with this one.


    If you are tired of replacing the Famous Brand Silicone caulk frequently because of mold and mildew discoloring like I was,first check the handyman resources on the web for tips from the pros! Having done that,I was surprised to learn that I was using the wrong approach for years with the GE White Silicone and caulk gun. The correct way to replace the caulk is by removing all of the existing caulk as described by the pros using a razor scraper and a hair dryer. When all the caulk is removed,make sure the surface is prepped by using denatured alcohol or low odor mineral spirits. After letting it dry overnight,then apply this product straight from the tube with a small diagonal cut for a small bead. It takes a little time to apply,but you will love the results when finished. Product info says to wait at least 24 hrs after application for it to set. If you can wait that long,this is the last product you will ever need!