CRO Focused on Regulated Bioanalysis & DMPK - CRO performing regulated bioanalysis, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic analysis in support of new therapeutic development programs

  • MicroConstants CRO - About Our Company - About MicroConstants: Bioanalytical & DMPK specialty CRO dedicated to helping pharmaceutical & biotech companies advance their drug development programs.
  • Management Officers and Teams - MicroConstants - Click here to read the bios of our MicroConstants' management team and the years of experience they have to succeed in the biotech industry.
  • Facilities - Located in San Diego, CA and Beiginj, China - MicroConstants has facilities in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego (34,000 sq. ft. laboratory), California & a second laboratory in Beijing, China.
  • Equipment and Instruments - MicroConstants - The equipment in our San Diego contract research laboratory includes 15 LC/MS/MS systems, a Waters QTof Premier, 7 HPLC systems and 2 Microplate Readers
  • High-Throughput Screening & Automation - View the equipment and instrumentation we use to support our clients’ large clinical studies needing high-throughput screening & automation sample analysis.
  • QA and Regulatory Compliance - MicroConstants - QA - All studies conducted at our facilities are of the highest quality, meet or exceed the criteria set forth by our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • MicroConstants - Why You Should Partner With Us - Partner with MicroConstants for the Experience, Proactive Problem Solving, and Specialized Scientific Knowledge. Click here to find out more!
  • Client Testimonials - MicroConstants - Client Testimonials: Read what some of our clients and partners have to say about their positive experiences working with MicroConstants.
  • Career Opportunities and Benefits - MicroConstants - MicroConstants offers internship and career opportunities that are both professionally and personally rewarding offering the best possible benefits.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy - It is MicroConstants’ policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants & employees. To learn more about employment visit our career page.
  • Services: Bioanalytical and DMPK - MicroConstants - List of the contract research services we provide to advance the drug development programs of pharmaceutical & biotech companies worldwide.
  • Drug Metabolism (DMPK) Assays - MicroConstants - in vitro DMPK and ADME assays including metabolic drug stability, profiling & identification, reaction phenotyping/enzyme mapping, & more.
  • CYP Induction Studies - MicroConstants - MicroConstants performs CYP induction studies, CYP/UGT inhibition studies, and CYP/UGT reaction phenotyping in accordance with FDA Guidance.
  • Protein Binding Assays - MicroConstants - Protein Binding-Measure the binding of test articles to plasma or tissue proteins using equilibrium dialysis, ultrafiltration or ultracentrifugation methods
  • Method Development and Validation (LC/MS/MS, HPLC/UV, ELISA) - GLP & non-GLP method development & validation for the analysis of small molecules, proteins & peptides using LC/MS/MS, HPLC/UV & ELISA techniques.
  • Small Molecules Analysis - MicroConstants - Specializes in method development, method validation & sample analysis of small molecules for preclinical and clinical studies.
  • Development & Bioanalysis for Macromolecules - MicroConstants - Development, GLP validation and transfer of immunoassay methods for the quantification of protein & peptide therapeutics in various biological matrices.
  • Biomarker Assays & Testing Services - MicroConstants - Biomarker testing & analysis services to support preclinical & clinical diagnostic research using multiplex, LC/MS/MS, ELISA techniques.
  • Dose Formulation Analysis - MicroConstants - Formulation method development, preclinical dose confirmation analysis, and sample analysis to assess stability, homogeneity and discover solubility issues.
  • Pharmacokinetic Analysis & Reports - MicroConstants - Pharmacokinetic data analysis & modeling for discovery, preclinical, and clinical studies; TK data analysis for GLP toxicology studies.
  • Specimen Collection Kits for Clinical Trials - Assembly & distribution of protocol-specific specimen collection kits to simplify the PK collection process during clinical trials.
  • Sample Storage: Long Term - MicroConstants - Sample Storage: We use GE Infrastructure Sensing LabWatch Temperature Monitoring System to ensure all refrigerators and freezers remain in range.
  • Additional Services (MicroConstants China) - MicroConstants China provides preclinical, clinical, & consulting services to pharmaceutical companies developing drugs outside the United States.
  • News & Company Updates - MicroConstants - MicroConstants News & Company Updates - here you will find writings about what is going on within the company & any other updates we have to share.
  • Upcoming Events and Exhibitions - MicroConstants - View a list of the local & national biotech, pharmaceutical, and CRO industry upcoming events that MicroConstants will be exhibiting at
  • Company Newsletters - Browse through past issues of our quarterly newsletter to learn more about MicroConstants & the contract research services we provide.

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