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  • SFlaDude - Didn't notice any difference...

    I have elevated liver enzymes so I took these for a month before my next check-up at the doctor. Blood results came back the same. I realize it will probably take more time than 30 days to expect results, but really didn't feel any different while taking these.

  • Catlover - Hay has always been in love with the Big Bad Wolf and now that Luke is out of prison and Hay comes home, they have a shot!

    This is an outstanding steamy romantic suspense from a couple of great authors. Hay wants to be a baker and just returned from school and experiences in the big city. Luke is the Bad Boy next door who just came home from prison being labeled a murderer. His family was destroyed when a murderer took his baby sister. Then again, the murderer of the murderer is still out there. I received a gifted copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. I honestly love this story and these authors!

  • Mark Noble - The cover works great. The only problem is when I put it ...

    The cover works great. The only problem is when I put it together the clamps they did not move and had to be manipulated into place.

  • Michelle - You will not be disappointed!!

    I bought this game for my spouse for Christmas, along with an Electric Guitar set. This game has by far exceeded our expectations as well as the expectations of all of our friends and family that have seen it. The game starts with the basic introductory courses - learning how to tune, learning how to strum and pick. Then you can move onto the songs. The database of songs available is impressive, the selection is great, and the packs they offer for additional bands as an additional purchase are of a reasonable price too. I like that you can buy and download a pack and it will always be saved in your game, so you will have it forever. You can't do that with sheet music, lol. After every song you will get your rating, suggestions, and mini-classes to take based on your weaknesses through that play. It completely tailors the learning experience based on what you miss and don't miss. Not to mention, taking those mini-classes will also unlock additional features (we haven't gotten that far yet). My spouse is really loving the playback option right now, where you can choose a specific number of bars, and repeat them over and over again to get the chords down. He has multiple songs under his belt now, and it's only been about two weeks. Well worth the investment!!

  • girlfriday - But these now and watch your life change forever.

    This is probably the most life changing product I have ever bought and used. These are absolutely fantastic and an absolute must for the rest of my entire menstruating life. I cannot recommend these enough. I will go to the ends of the earth to keep this product on hand. Seriously. After the birth of my 4th child my flow became extremely heavy and hard to manage. I used a tampon and pad, and still had to find a restroom about every hour and a half to two hours or risk leakage. I pretty much tried to stay home as much as possible during "that time of the month." Then I started researching for a better way and came across these. I decided to give them a try and have never gone back! Contrary to the 12-hour claim, on my heavy days I only get maybe 4 hours before I need to empty the cup, but that is a very simple matter, and at least I can get 4 hours of peace of mind. If you find yourself out, it's a very simple matter to "empty" the cup, without ever removing it, so you can go on with your day. If you need to accomplish this, while peeing, contract your pc muscles and it will change the shape of it allowing the collected blood to flow out. Or you can even strain as if a bm and it will generally accomplish the same thing. Then you can just wait until you get home to take care of the rest. On lighter days I do get the full 12 hours out of it. As many of the other reviewers state, I do actually reuse one of these for few days before changing to a new one. You can remove them, rinse them out and reuse with no problem. This has been a real life saver for me and I no longer dread my period as I did before. Give them a try!

  • Amazon Customer - Must have for every parent with infants in the household

    This is a life saver. There is a learning curve for both the parent and the baby, but once you understand how to use it, this is a magical product. Cleans the nose better than anything else on the market, which makes the child and you sleep much better when they have a cold. Your baby also will have less chance to get an ear ache if the mucus does not build up inside.

  • samantha hoehner - from this point the story has good qualities to where max realizes that he cant live ...

    I received this book for an honest review , Lola is a teenage girl who goes out for a night on the town and meets Max they hit out off right away. from this point the story has good qualities to where max realizes that he cant live without having Lola , but that all changes when they both find out that he is married to her mother. This story has a twist we get where Lola and max's life is going great and we go skip a few and go into something else . Don't get me wrong this book was good short read it just jumped from one place to another .