Merck Pregnancy Registry Program - Postmarketing Surveillance Data about exposure to a drug during pregnancy and the pregnancy outcomes* - Merck Pregnancy Registries - useful information about the outcomes of pregnancies following use of a drug during gestation. Pregnancy Registries are prospective active data collections systems which can facilitate the early detection of teratogenicity and other serious AEs in patients who inadvertently/purposefully use a drug during pregnancy

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  • Scott Menin - If you don't have much investment education, this is the book for you.

    As someone who never had much education on finance/investing, I found this book to be very well written for those of my ilk. I really feel that I have a much stronger understanding of the stock market and investing. In addition, I appreciate the development of a concise investment strategy as part of the goals of this book. In particular, I felt the examples of effects by real life occurrences were helpful in understanding various strategies.

  • Charlotte A. Hu - Smooth Reading; Already Outdated in January 2013

    It's interesting to me that this text book appears already out of date. Even though it's a 2013 edition, it is referring to older Windows editions. Also in the section on Bits and Bytes, it describes the word tera as being associated with mainframes and supercomputers. I've been using terabyte external drives to store movies for years and I think a great many of my friends do as well. A simple search on shows 240 desktop computers with a terabyte of storage, several with 2 and one each for 3, 4, 5 and 6 terabytes of storage.

  • baker - LOVE, LOVE This product!!!

    I have just started using this product and I love it. The scent is wonderful and I mixed it with some shea butter and coconut oil and made some lotion. It smells so great every morning when I put it on and feels great to. Majestic makes wonderful economical essential oils and I will continue to buy from them. Frankincense has so many healing properties and is all around good for you so I am glad I found a product I can afford.

  • Makin' Bacon - Best I've tried so far

    This stuff actually does what it says. I mean my skin does look a little 'stained brown' but it works! That is the point. I've done two layers so far and my boyfriend definitely notices a difference. The instructions say to put it on every day until you reach the color you want. However, I would suggest putting it on every other day. It seems like it takes 48 hrs for the color to fully soak in and develope all the way. Plus you don't want to shock yourself or anyone else from going so dark so quick. I use it on my face. The first day I used it my coworker could tell I had done something but couldn't put her finger on exactly what. She said I had a 'glow' going on. I told her it was self tanner and she was amazed at how even it looked. I use it all over. My face, neck, arms, legs, feet (sparingly), etc. I wait 48 hrs, shower and apply all over again. It didn't seem to come off much at all in the shower. I didn't see any 'tan water' going down the drain and I used a scrubber. It has NO smell at first but after the second layer it does have a very mild hint of tanning bed. My nose is extremely sensitive though. I can only smell it if I take deep breaths in but it's there. It also dries super super fast so as soon as you get it on your skin you need to rub in as evenly and quickly as possible. When it's dry your skin feels dry, not like it has lotion on it. So you don't have to go through the cold feeling of air hitting your damp-ish skin. I've tried a few self tanners and this one tops the charts so far. Shipping was fast, the product works and it's affordable. Will for sure order again when I run out.

  • tata - awesome but tough to catch the ball

    it is fun but to catch the ball was a little difficult but a good game it is a really enjoyable game!