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  • Candace Ramsahoi - Somewhat Accurate

    I read this book before traveling to Morocco with my kids this summer (2016) ages 10 & 12. This book is somewhat accurate. It was very helpful to use as a guide. The portion of the book about the market place in Tangiers is totally inaccurate! Tangiers is still very much unsafe - so much so that the taxi driver refused to take me to the market because he told me I would not be safe there and it was "dirty" and filled with drug sellers and prostitutes he told me to stay on the beach! And guess what he was correct! Overall Morocco is a lovely country and the people and warm and welcoming and kind to visitors - more so than France or any other country. My family found that reading reviews on were the most helpful when it came to choosing restaurants and hotels, because those reviews are the most current and honest.

  • klban - seems to work for awhile

    This seemed to work for awhile in my kitchen until either the scent faded or the mice got used to it. I am now finding that adding some kind of fresh strong scent ( I interchange essential grapefruit oil, spearmint oil and Rosemary) to the openings where the mice come from by our cupboards and stove works just as well.. You just need to freshen them often and interchange them from time to time. It's not perfect but we find less droppings and less gnawings when we do this.

  • Boyd Norton - Not worth it.

    Very disappointing. The magazine listings fail to include a number of important markets. And many major calendar publishers are not listed.

  • Diana - Healthy Coffee

    This is a healthy coffee with mushrooms. It comes in saches like an instant coffee. I liked it but my husband hated it. It does have an after taste which is what my husband didn't like. As for me I think its a bit strong so I add more water and with cream and sugar it taste pretty good.