Medicom Healthcare: Ophthalmic pharmaceuticals - Medicom Healthcare Healthcare is a UK based pharmaceutical company specialising in Ophthalmics. Our core competencies are in the development and manufacturing of ophthalmic products.

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  • William Shakespeare - 2014 still a bit buggy

    Having used Quicken since 1991, I have upgraded Quicken every year since my initial introduction to Quicken. I have seen good years and bad years. 2012 was not a particularly good year. I read so much negative about 2013, it was the first year I ever skipped updating Quicken. I decided to wait a year since they moved all development to India.

  • sandy ay go - Great shirt, horrible banana slicer

    The art is stunning, like one done by Michael Angelo. But it is not perfect (hence the 4 stars), I attempted to slice a banana with the Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee and it just mushed it up. Worst banana slicer ever. Also, it was not self washing, so there is still banana in it.

  • William F. Clowers Sr. - Newly Enlightened....

    Someone recommend Joe’s book to me, so out of curiosity I read it. Not only is this a good read, but is very motivational. Joe describes how someone with a goal can sacrifice short term pleasures for the benefits of long term knowledge. The information he has gained can now be used by all as he describes in his book. Certain mineral and vitamin formulas as he sells on his website can be a little pricey, but much of what he recommends can be picked up VERY inexpensively at your local drug store, Wal-Mart, Meijer, etc. At the end of his book, he goes into a gambit of maladies that may apply to you and how you should treat them. After applying what he recommends for several months….in short…IT WORKS!!! This and the MERICK MANUAL are by far the two best medical books I own. HIGHLY recommended. You won’t be disappointed.