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  • stephstar777 - The best for bad breath

    This is the best remedy for bad breath - my daughter used to have to carry mints because she had less than pleasant breath, now she gargles with this every morning and night and she NEVER has bad breath anymore. Excellent

  • Leslie - Authentic product and my curly/wavy hair is knot free!

    I have been using Deva Curl No Poo for years and it is a good truly sulfate free shampoo. I had never purchased the large size before, but I will again, as the pump is nice. I searched ingredients for a long time looking for true sulfate free shampoos before I found this one, and even though it is lather free and even smells unusual, I know my hair is clean and not dried out. The most important thing to me is that my hair used to knot up very badly when washing with traditional shampoos, and I ended up spending so much time trying to detangle without breaking and pulling out handfuls of hair. Even the most vigorous shampooing with Deva Curl No Poo -- no knots. I will definitely continue to buy it from Amazon.

  • Scott Clifton - Why You Should Never Buy Nero For Any Reason

    Hello, everyone, and thanks for reading the review. I'm a long-time Nero user/attempted user/sucker (10+ years), and have come to the unhappy conclusion that no one should buy Nero software ever again. Here's why:

  • William M. Conlin - Sturdy - Well Built ( USA MADE )

    The construction of this generator is not cheap - it is in fact very well built - Delivery: side of the box had a huge jagged hole about 14 inches long - no damage to unit - inside the box there was leakage of oil from the line tech not screwing the oil cap in all the way (dummy) oh and thank you for leaving the special funnel ( oily) that everyone says doesnt come with the unit - ill enclose a picture for everyone else to know what type you need. I received this unit in 2 days from order. just in time for the 12-6-13 ice storm through Memphis.

  • Jake Randall - Worked great! But... (READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A STUBBORN/NASTY DIAPER RASH)

    First of all, I'm not one who writes reviews... but I felt like there was probably other moms out there dealing with what I just went thru that could use this advise... so here you go. Like everyone else who's written a review - I tried EVERYTHING on my baby's diaper rash... I was so upset, so like you I did a search to see if there was anything else out there & found the Triple Paste. Based on the glowing reviews I bought it. So it's expensive - BUT IT WORKED-sorta... It takes a bumpy rash away (the kind that look more like hives) in a day... but my baby has had a BAD diaper rash since she was 5 days old (is 5 1/2 weeks now) and it turned into something that looked more like a burn with the skin rubbed raw on both sides of her bum right next to her hole & would bleed a little when you touched it... so sad! (we thought it was the acid in the poop burning her skin)... so the paste helped a little but not very fast (went thru an entire tub in about 1 1/2 weeks because you're supposed to put it on THICK & the rash just went down a little). I had been doing all of the home remedies people suggested: every few diaper changes dipping her bum in warm water in the sink (a couple of inches deep) with a teaspoon of baking soda (neutralizes the acid in the poop), rinsing out the wipes so they don't have the alcohol in them anymore (it's too harsh on sensitive skin), patting her bum with a wet cotton ball instead of whipping, and FINALLY the thing that worked in conjunction with the paste was a blend of essential oils rubbed on her rash each diaper change and then putting the paste on top to act as a barrier, after 1 day of doing that the rash is half as big! I'm NOT an essential oil rep, I don't have a loyalty to any one brand, but I was desperate. Since I've used them in the past on myself I figured what the heck, I'll try it when my friend who is a rep told me about the blend because she's used it on her babies. So, here's the recipe: 4 drops of lavender oil & 4 drops of melaluca (tea tree oil) mixed in a small roll-on bottle with extra virgin olive oil filling the bottle. You can add geranium oil and use the fractionated coconut oil instead of the EVO but all i had on hand was EVO & the 2 oils I listed. I used Young Living brand of oil but I don't think it really matters even though the reps of all of the companies will tell you otherwise ;-) Just make sure it's good quality stuff, not the cheap crap that's already diluted. And remember any time you use an essential oil on a baby you HAVE TO DILUTE IT with oil! It's potent stuff that's why on an adult you only use a drop or 2. Anyway, hopefully this review will help other moms who are frustrated and desperate for a remedy. Good luck! PS. Because of the acid in her poop she was grunting like crazy and in pain each feeding, so my friend also suggested diluting in the EVO 4 drops of lavender, wild orange, fennel & digestzen (Doterra & Young Living sell this blend) and rubbing that on her tummy each feeding... it's helped a lot. She still grunts but doesn't seem to be as miserable as she was before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your own research before you trust what me or anyone else says about using these home remedies and even ask your pediatrician because each baby is different and has different allergies (I can't each dairy or sugar any more because those make things worse for her) so you never know if your baby will have an adverse reaction to something. Ok, this review is super long, sorry. Good luck momma!

  • U-Wanna - Transform your health with advanced cellular support for your immune system.

    The Advanced Ambrotose product contains Undaria pinnatifida, a brown seaweed harvested from the clear waters off the coasts of Tasmania and the Patagonian region that helps it deliver a better balance of saccharides at a better value per serving.

  • steve - I love this thing

    I love this thing. I gave it 4 stars as my reception is crap. I mean I knew this from the get go, as it was stated on the description as well, but again I dont use FM anyway with satellite all the time. But i would be the perfect antenna if it still somehow got some reception for those rare instances i dont want to pay the bill and let the satellite lapse