MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - S.C. MED.CO S.R.L (Medical Company) a fost înfiinţată în anul 1994, cu capital privat românesc ... service-ul produselor OMRON

  • Produse - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Tensiometre digitale Nebulizatoare Monitoare compoziţie corporală Pedometre Termometre digitale Glucometre Pedometre Periute de dinti sonice Cantare digitale
  • Tensiometre de braţ - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Tensiometre de brat: OMRON M1, OMRON M1 Compact, OMRON M1 PLUS, OMRON M2 N, OMRON M3 N, OMRON M3 IT, OMRON M3 Comfort, OMRON M6 Comfort IT
  • Cântare digitale - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Cântare digitale, pentru uz personal: HN 288, HN 289. Design modern, ecran cu afişaj mare şi platan confecţionat din sticlă securizată.
  • Monitoare compoziţie corporală - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Monitoare compoziţie corporală, aparate destinate determinării compoziţiei corporale. OMRON BF 306, OMRON BF 212, OMRON BF 214, OMRON BF 508, OMRON BF 511
  • Electrocardiografe - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Electrocardiografe ultraperformante, pentru o scanare rapidă şi precisă a impulsurilor electrice cardiace.Utile atât pentru monitorizare cât şi pentru triaj
  • Glucometre - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Glucometre, aparate destinate determinării cantităţii de glucoză din sângele capilar. Timp redus pentru efectuarea testării. OMRON A2, A3 PRO, PRO TD-4227B
  • Termometre digitale - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Termometre digitale pentru uz oral, axilar, rectal şi infraroşu. OMRON ECO TEMP SMART, OMRON FLEX TEMP SMART, OMRON GENTLE TEMP 520, OMRON GENTLE TEMP 720
  • Multi-parametru - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - Multi-parametru pentru măsurarea: tensiunii arteriale, saturaţia oxigenului din sânge, ritmul cardiac, temperatura corpului şi nivelul glicemiei.
  • Despre noi - MED.CO MEDICAL COMPANY - S.C. MED.CO S.R.L a fost înfiinţată în anul 1994, cu capital privat românesc, având ca principal domeniu de activitate reprezentarea, comercializarea şi service-ul produselor OMRON Healthcare (Japonia) în România.

    Country:, Europe, RO

    City: 25 , Romania

  • Sarah D - No plumping

    This plumper doesnt plump. It doesnt do anything but act as lip gloss. Good thing it was cheap or I would not be happy.

  • P.M. - Works perfect!

    It's a simple clip in and clip out process that allows my wife and I to take our daughter out on nice days without having to worry. We have the Chicco Keyfit and it makes the same, reassuring click into the adaptor as it does in the holder for the car.

  • Shalynn - I really enjoyed the aroma & texture of the scrub

    I really enjoyed the aroma & texture of the scrub. The scrub made my skin extremely soft. I would recommend using this scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells & rejuvinate the skin. This product is great for those who suffer from dry skin. I only paid $1 for it since I did the review. Great stuff.

  • G. R. Overturf - As advertised, a great find!

    I had some of this years ago and loved it, so wanted more to fix the tightness on my laptop hinges. It was hard to find but worth it. Lubed the hinges on the laptop so it now opens without cracking the plastic!

  • Ian Saxby - This game is crap. Don't buy it, and tell your friends and everyone you know not to buy it either

    Spore is the perfect example of corporatisation destroying creativity and innovation. Where we could have had a deep, complex, satisfying game, EA has delivered a dumbed-down, lowest-common-denominator piece of garbage.

  • Mark S - Overpriced pedometer

    I received this in May and was excited about the possibilities. I quickly learned that I expected entirely too much out of this device.

  • Tia James - Very Impressed. Worked On My Stubborn Adult Acne.

    This product really surprised me. As I have particularly high maintenance skin, I was not expecting this to work as well as it did. I didn't take pictures, but I should have. First off, I am 24 F who started getting really bad cystic hormonal acne on my jaw bone area around when I was around 20 or 21. I went to the dermatologist and tried retin A and Epiduo, I've tried pro active, I tried SkinId (before they stopped making it),I have tried birth control. Non of the methods worked for me, but seemed to have been making it worse.