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  • Amazon Customer - I would not recommend this for long

    On the first use, the tooth of the comb broke off in two different places while I was putting the comb back on the dryer. Throughout the whole blow drying process, the comb attachment kept slipping and was frustrated to have to deal with that when my hair is a headache in itself. The teeth are made of plastic so they are not durable if you're not gentle enough. That being said I did get the result I was looking for but not after hours of fighting with it. I would not recommend this for long, coily hair

  • Rhonda - This is an AMAZING resource!

    I have been scouring the internet for over a year, looking for any and all information about publishing my middle grade manuscript and I'm so glad I got the 2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market! It covers all aspects of the business of being a writer; I have been carrying it around with me the last several days, highlighting and marking pages. The articles are informative and instructive and because of the easy-to-use layout, I was quickly able to develop a list of agents and publishers to query, knowing that I would be putting my work in the hands of people most likely to be receptive. I mark this book as a must-have for any children's writer that aspires to be published!

  • Nana - Great space saving storage.

    This is the first time I've tries these space saver bags and they're great. I put a blanket in one and pumped the air out and it has been sitting for about 10 days and is still space saving. The first night after sealing it a tiny bit of air leaked in but since then no more has. Like I said this is the first time I've tried them so I can't compare them to other brands but these work great. I can't wait to see how well they work the next time I take a trip, just think how much more I can bring home with me. These are easy to seal and easy to pump out the air and they even came with a pump. The pump is small enough to pack and take with me when I travel. I plan to store all my holiday tablecloths in these bag and I am looking forward to packing up my off season clothes for easy and compact storage and they'll even stay clean. This is a great product and very useful for someone with limited storage space. So excited to have these.

  • Ronald Joseph Lorette - Product had a dent in eco and it did not ...

    Product had a dent in eco and it did not work. I ended up going to RV dealer to buy another where I could test with multimeter before purchasing.

  • Larry L. Zellner - The Truth About America

    This is an outstanding book. The authors are Christian and present the case for the return of Christ,soon. Most people, even those who claim to be Christian, have no idea how close the return of Christ is.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for joggers or bass lovers. But not entirely useless.

    Sound sucks. And the bulkiness makes it difficult to keep the earpiece in your ear. But it is possible. Also the sound for phone calls is worse than just listening to music. Nearly non existent in fact. But they are easy to connect and turn on. No burning when charged like some reviews of other products I have read. I don't recommend these for joggers or hands free calling. If you are just looking for something quiet and wireless to sit and do homework say for a college student with a roommate or something with little movement these mite work for you. They are not completely awful.

  • Amazon Customer - Love this FM transmitter

    I use this FM transmitter on my commute to and from work everyday. I have had it about 2 months. I had a different brand before this for about a year. The VicTsing FM transmitter works great. I love the feature of being able to change songs on the transmitter so that I do not have to look away from the road.