ManaMed PlasmaFlow DVT Prevention - ManaMed is a leading brand company in orthopedic braces and vascular therapy. ManaMed's focus is to drive better clinical outcomes with quality patient care and innovative medical devices.

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  • G. Jaust - Great product. Our basement office had a lot of ...

    Great product. Our basement office had a lot of spiders. There was a distinct odor when it was first applied but that totally went away in a few hours and so did the spiders!!

  • downtown - I'm moving slowly in to the 21st century

    This thing really works well. I have it being used with my Echo Dot and it works great; though not perfect. Every 2-3 weeks or so when I ask Alexa to "Turn on the bedroom lamp" my Echo Dot says it can't find anything to connect to control my bedroom lamp. I need to unplug the TP-Link Plug and plug it back in whereupon everything seems to reinitialize and work properly again. However, I can't definitively fault the plug for this, as the weak link might be the Dot or my wi-fi system. In any case, I am pleased with the device. The app for control through my iProducts works great, easy to use and set up.