Des conseils pour être heureux et en meilleure santé ! | même avec des petits bobos ou une maladie chronique - Maintenant que vous avez pris connaissance des bienfaits du jeûne dans mon précédent article sur le jeune thérapeutique, je vous propose de découvrir le

  • L'auteur - Les grands hommes bâtissent des monuments avec les pierres qu’on leur jette. Robin S. Sharma Lorsque la vie vous envoie un citron, pressez-le et obtenez-en de
  • Le Jeûne, thérapie pour soigner cancers et maladies chroniques -       On pense à tort que quand ça ne va pas il faut systématiquement gober des médicaments pour aller mieux. J’en ai d’ailleurs gobé
  • L’angiogenèse, et comment les aliments peuvent combattre le cancer et d’autres maladies - L'angiogenèse est le processus de croissance de nouveaux vaisseaux sanguins à partir de vaisseaux existants. C’est un phénomène naturel chez l’être humain,
  • Gérer la douleur avec 19 astuces - La douleur chronique peut être causée par une maladie chronique, une blessure, un problème au cerveau (car c’est lui qui envoie le message de la douleur), un
  • 13 astuces pour sortir de l’isolement social - Définition de l’isolement social L’isolement social est un manque de communication avec sa famille, ses amis, ses voisins, ses collègues, ou autre

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  • Michelle Kaether - the consistency of the dye was absolutely perfect. Many reviewers complained about it being "too thin" ...

    So, after reading all of the reviews, I decided to give this hair color a try. I've used many brands before, usually RAW or Manic Panic, this time I decided to use a hair dye with a slightly thinner consistency, as I am not a fan of extremely thick hair dyes. They tend to stop up my root-color applicator bottle. First off, the consistency of the dye was absolutely perfect. Many reviewers complained about it being "too thin" or runny, but it worked like a charm in my applicator bottle, so I was quite happy with that. I used the bleach packet to bleach away an entire head of previous very dark blue/teal color mixture, and after 45 minutes of letting the bleach sit on my head, covered with a clear plastic shower cap & sitting in the sun, my hair came out a golden blonde color, and almost all of the blue was entirely gone! I have had my hair bleached professionally before, and they struggled to get my reddish-brown color at the time to go away. This dye did exactly what I wanted it to, and I did it at home for a fraction of salon price. I shampooed the bleach out, conditioned & used argan oil to replenish my stripped hair folicles, then allowed my hair to air-dry. After that, I combined the two blue dyes that came in this kit in my applicator bottle (not wanting to bother with the fuss of dying my hair ombre) put all of that over the bleached hair, and it came out looking stunningly bright & a really fun color after about an hour or so of allowing the dye to sit on my hair. All in all, this was a great color experience, and I wouldn't mind using this brand again. Their bleach made me the happiest out of everything with just how well it worked!

  • Colin E. - I paid for them. They're alright.

    I paid for them. They're alright. I haven't used high end bone conduction headphones so I don't know what it should sound like, but these just sound like a speaker sitting in front of your ear. If you turn them up over half-way, you can hear them across a room. They work though, I use them for biking and I can hear my music and street sounds. So all in all, not sure if they're "proper" bone conduction, but they get the job done.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like this product

    I have been using my cancooler product for about a week and it has done everything it is supposed to do. The bottom fits perfectly in my car drink holder, the outside stays dry. I don't have all this moisture all over the sides without it freezing my hands when I use it. The drink is what stays cold. I have dropped it once and nothing happened it's very durable. It looks the same. I have only used can for it . I haven't used any bottles yet. I really like this product. I did receive this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Tim Goulden - Excellent for prostate surgery recovery

    I didn't buy this on Amazon but just wanted to let people know it really works. I used it after prostate surgery and experienced a great deal of pain the weeks following the surgery. This product helped me get through it.

  • richandmerry - Part of the deal included phone time with a product ...

    Part of the deal included phone time with a product rep to help me get started. When I emailed Nero about how to go about talking to someone, they ignored my question and sent me a general message that the manuals can be found online. Thanks for the bait and switch Nero.

  • C. Palo - Great Jersey

    Finally a jersey for women with awesome colors other than PINK or RED. It has an excellent fit with nice breathable fabric for those hot riding temperatures or can be worn over a thermal for the colder 1's. Nice Job Fox!