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  • MacQuarries Pharmasave - Bible Hill Centre - Bible Hill Centre can be found at: 6241 Pictou Road, Bible Hill, NS, B2N 2S7, Phone: (902) 893-7132
  • MacQuarries Pharmasave - About Us - Serving Truro, Nova Scotia and Area since 1920, MacQuarries Pharmasave has five convenient locations to serve you.
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  • MacQuarries Pharmasave - Services - At MacQuarries Pharmasave Home Health Care Centre our goal is to help you enjoy an active lifestyle rich with opportunities, exploration, and productive pursuits. We proudly offer the following comprehensive collection of in-home services, home medical and rehabilitation equipment: custom orthotic clinics, specialty footwear, wheelchairs, seating, walking aids, bathroom safety, homecare equipment
  • MacQuarries Pharmasave - Truro Pharmacy - Looking to Achieve your Weight Loss Goals? We can help!Ideal Protein is a weight loss method that works. It's fast, effective, and achieves results. Ideal Protein - Coach Denise. And you don't do it alone. You can receive one-on-one coaching with Denise Forsythe, providing dedicated weekly support and education.
  • Foot Care Diabetes Services and Clinic | Truro, Nova Scotia - At MacQuarries Home Health Care Centre, we offer professional foot care. Professional foot care is especially recommended for people with diabetes who are particularly vulnerable to foot problems which can lead to serious foot complications. By taking proper care of your feet, most serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented.
  • Custom Orthotics and Specialty Footwear | Truro, NS - If you suffer from localized foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, arch or heel pain, leg, knee, hip or back pain - we can help. MacQuarries Home Health Care Centre has a Canadian Certified Pedorhist on staff who can provide knowledgeable solutions to alleviate your foot pain with Custom Orthotics and/or Specialty Footwear.
  • MacQuarries Pharmasave - Truro Pharmacy - Providing you with timely medical care when you need it241 Pictou Road, Bible Hill Located in MacQuarries Pharmasave. Where the needs of the patient come first! we see you on your time. Everyone welcome . Please note that you need a valid provincial Health care card. Quebec and non-Canadian residents are subject to a visit fee.
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  • C. B. Preisler - Great for skin issues

    I have used this for seborreah diagnosed by my vet on my Maltese Nell. It has cleared her skin of the nasty crusty patches, BUT you must use it a few times a week. Not a full bath. Just a good wash in the affected area. Price a bit better than vet's.

  • Elizabeth T. - Perfect for after shaving

    This is excellent for preventing ingrown hairs. I use it on the bikini line and it's helped tremendously. I have very sensitive skin, so no matter what I did I would get the red bumps and ingrown hairs. If I use this twice a day I've noticed I just have nice smooth skin. I would highly recommend this. The bottle is also very large, it's lasted me many months at twice a day usage.

  • Amazon Customer - J U N K

    JUNK. 5 months after buying it, it just decided not to record any more in the middle of the day. Replaced the sdcard, thinking it was bad, but it didn't help. I changed all the settings back to default and it would just sit there. NEVER again will I purchase this brand of equipment.

  • Carmen Coleman - Fast Charging speeds

    I bought this to replace a power bank I thought I had lost but since have found that was nearly double the price of this one. The charge time as warned is a while but it's worth it for the amount of charge you get out of it for devices. Fast Charging speeds and being Qualcomm Certified, I've had it for around a month now and I'm very happy with it.

  • marco - Internet lento (internet go slow)

    Compre este producto viendo las evaluaciones que aparecen en la pagina de Bitdefender, pura mercadotecnia, lo instale y me puso el internet lento, trate de hacer todos los ajustes posibles, pero igual de lento. Considero que esta mal diseñado si de hecho ponen en sus foros: Desactive tal funcion para que mejore, es decir tales funciones no son utiles y no sirven para nada.No creo que tenga un PC lento WIN 7 X64,8 GB RAM ,AMD Phenom II X6,ASUS ROG Mobo, video AMD 7870. No lo recomiendo para nada.No lo compre.

  • Joe G - If it tells the truth

    If this item is telling the truth about my daily scans, I have between 200 and 2000 privacy issues. I'm not sure if it's true, but my computer operates faster since I started using it regularly.

  • Amazon Customer - Visalus

    Great product. It really helps you lose weight I have been using it for about 6 months and I have dropped 50 pounds