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  • trish - Sharp practices outweigh product quality

    BEWARE if you buy this, the alleged "60-day guarantee" is a fallacy. If you do not cancel enrollment by the 29th day of your original ORDER, you will be shipped a 90-day replenishment supply at a cost of over $38.00 automatically billed to your credit card. Now you tell me, is that a 60-day money back guarantee? Sure, you can send the replenishment back and wait 4-6 weeks for your refund, but do you want all that hassle while all you were trying to do was use the entire 60-day period to determine if the product works for you or not? This is an example of sharp consumer practices that turn people off to infomercial products that might actually be good products. The literature that comes with the shipment is riddled with references to the "60-day guarantee" and "90-day" future replenishments. NO WHERE ON THE INITIAL SHIPMENT LITERATURE DOES IT SAY THAT IF YOU DON'T CANCEL BY THE 29TH DAY AFTER YOUR ORDER, YOU WILL BE REPLENISHED, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 90-DAY SHIPMENT AT ALMOST $40. BAD, BAD commercial practice. And by the way, I did not find the product to be the miracle it is touted as. Does it clean hair? Yes. But my hair looks the same after styling as it ever did. I like the fact that it is sulfate free and all natural, and I perceive that my color lasts longer than when using regular shampoo, but that would be true with any of the numerous sulfate-free shampoos on the market. There is nothing super special about this product that would cause me to continue to use it despite the trickery of the business model. Had I not been totally turned off by the sneaky 30-day replenishment in contravention of the 60-day guarantee, I probably would have stayed on as a customer for the benefits of the all-natural ingredients, but if a company challenges your trust in its business practices, how can you trust its product claims?

  • Heather S. Leabman - MOST BEAUTIFUL GOTY

    Kanani Akina is 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Japanese (from Dad), and 1/4 French and German (from Mom.) I too would have enjoyed black hair and deep brown eyes, but Kanani is bi-racial and this is explained in her Meet paperback book.