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  • Amazon Customer - Love this stuff.

    I did not know what benefits I was receiving until I stopped taking them. They are great for my skin, joints and nails. I love it and will probably continue to take for life. I am post menopausal this supplement offsets the effects.

  • Jessica Simpkins - Absolutely love this program!

    I completed the 21 day program, under the direction of a chiropractor and can't say enough good things about it. I have more energy, my memory is improved, I feel SO much healthier and as a side benefit I've lost a few pounds. I get random compliments from people I hardly know on how great my hair and skin look. Seriously - a woman who works down the hall from me stopped me on the way to the elevators to comment! I am continuing with the shakes and eating habits, although fewer pills, and would recommend this program to anyone!

  • Jean A El-Ghussein - Annoying ads and demands to upgrade

    In general the app is good but they didn't say that many of the features described can only be used if I upgraded for $4.99. And they keep asking you to upgrade, again and again. And they keep asking you to buy other services and products, not with little ads at the bottom of the screen so you can ignore them but big sometimes even full screen. It was totally annoying! There were many features I liked but because of the annoyance factor I deleted it from my phone and installed another azan app I have used before.

  • Quantum - DO NOT PURCHASE!

    It was time to get rid of the old Roxio Creator and get the sparking new Roxio Creator Pro 2012, so I purchased the new product. I went to uninstall the old product and low and behold when I went to restart the computer to install the newest version, my computer crashed and will not restart in anyway or any mode. I tried everything to get my computer to run, but nothing will work. I decided to contact Roxio and found they have no customer phone support and will not help me by email because in their words "I would like to help you with the issue you have in Roxio Creator. Unfortunately, Roxio Creator and all other versions prior to it are now no longer sold or supported by Roxio and hence are called as legacy products. I know this is not the answer you want to hear and if I put myself in your shoes it would be frustrating for me too. Unfortunately, our hands are tied up at this situation." So Roxio won't even help you at all especially if it's their products that caused the problem. Do not purchase this product, it will only bring you heartache when you go to uninstall it in the future. I lost everything on my Computer and I mean everything. Years of photos, all email addresses, accounting and music is all gone! Thank you for nothing Roxio!