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  • Designer-light-range - European Consumers Choice Awards 2011 winner the INNOSOL´┐Ż SAD Light range is cost-efficient, good-looking and user friendly. It is all you need for intense light at home and office.For those of you
  • Biggest UK Range of Natural Alarm Clocks - Wake up refreshed and naturally with gentle light - Our range of Natural Alarm Clocks or Body Clocks, function as ''Dawn Simulators'. Our internal body clock relies on a dawn or sunrise to keep itself in regulation, so when people wake in the dark on winter mornings, our internal body clock does not get the correct signal and the internal 'circadian rhythms' can go awry.
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  • Noah B. - Good basic system with parental controls

    Gotta have those parental controls to help kids stay safe... TOO much out there today trying to snag ANYONE who is using the web... And this program keeps working after it expires unlike some which vanish if you don't renew. You just have to deal with the constant renewal reminders.

  • Amazon Customer - On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands

    I received this as a free sample from PINCHme. They came in two small .05oz packets. I have MS and sometimes my hands don't work very well and it was hard to get the packets open. I had to fold and squeeze to get the product out of the package, the first time I used it it kind of flipped back and fell out of my hand. Had more success with the second package. Both times I used the cream I put it on my lower back and it was only minimal relief. Overall, it didn't really work for me. On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands, you have to wash your hands afterwards and some creams feel like they never get cleaned off, but my hands felt clean after washing this off. I do want to say that it could be unsuccessful because I didn't get enough in the samples. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with the product.

  • Matthew Frires - ... you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG

    The information points you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG. Check the pyrimidines and purines.. this guide gets them completely backwards. Best bet to go with ATI sanctioned study guide

  • Picky Picky Me - All natural All powerful allergy solution

    My husband started using these about a year ago for his allergies to get him off of the toxic over the counter allergy meds he was taking for years and years. He says this natural product works far better for him than anything he ever used before. Both my daughter and husband with allergies love D-Hist and have found it to be the only product that really seems to work effectively on their allergies.

  • Marc A. Speth - Not realistic

    Didn't like that the instructions said you had to apply this 3 times a day. What are you supposed to do when you are at work ... take off your shoes and socks and display your funky nails to all of your coworkers?!?!? I don't hunk so!!!