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  • 2nd time not a charm - Don't fall for it

    This pedometer is very poorly made and is at best inaccurate. As others have said, it does not accurately count steps, but rather you can gently jiggle it and it will move. If by just wearing this it reminds you to get up and walk around, then you get some benefit from it. But even if you even want a guestimate of how far you walk, it's not worth the purchase price and you'd be better off with another model.

  • GilmoreGirl - Mostly fluff and conjecture

    I was very disappointed while reading this book. It starts out laying out all of the information from the beginning of time to the present day of antichrist legends, but as the chapters go on they start repeating themselves. I thought it was a problem with my kindle copy, but after browsing a physical copy at the store it became obvious that entire pages of earlier chapters were cut and pasted into later chapters as filler. By the end there is no new information, nor any answers to the questions the book claims to answer. You'd be better off googling the information for free than buy this book.

  • Tomek - Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store

    Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store. I had to file a screw sticking out from the blade, no quality control. They cut pretty well though.

  • BusyBusy - Trick to smooth top is drywall sanding blocks

    We looked at the box for a couple months with dread over how complicated & labor intensive it was going to be. Turns out, it was not a big deal at all. I strongly suggest a shop vac for the huge quatity of chips that will get everywhere, but really this was a snap. We were forwarned about how hard it would be to get the chips sanded smooth without sanding right through them. We thought power sander, but no, that was too much.

  • T. Vaughan - Super helpful

    Some of the advice is un-necessary - I have figured some stuff out in twenty years of marriage. That being said, a great deal of it was VERY helpful. I learned a lot, or reinforced a lot of information I have recently realized - that attempting to simply 'appease' my wife ends up making me seem like I'm detached and not worthy of respect, while really stepping up, and not being afraid to take charge pretty much across the board (well, NOT in the kitchen or laundry!!) is what she's sub-consciously been looking for all along. THANK YOU!!!

  • Edward Ignash - I would not recommend this to anyone and also should be given a ...

    I deserve a return on this product. You would not believe what this software did to my machine, in fact I cant remember all of it. It would not recall backup list to return computer to earlier condition. It changed settings in my bios. When I browsed for back ups it found them but said they could not work. Thank god I left one back up from a ghost program and booted to disk and was able to restore. I would not recommend this to anyone and also should be given a refund. This was one heck of a waste of money, and witjhout that ghost file would have been a total disaster.Also I just remembered I could not read anything that came to me in PDF mode