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  • Susan - A must have!

    I LOVE this waterproof case! We are always in the pool and I needed a case really bad. I did a lot of research on waterproof cases and a lot of the reviews on the really pricey ones had me worried my phone would get ruined. I have and IPhone 6s Plus and it fits perfectly. My husband was so impressed we bought another one for his iPhone 5s. Don't waste your mine on those super high dollar ones. Price doesn't always determine the quality.

  • Bob Rhodes - Using Hide Glue to make detachable picture frames.

    I had an application where I needed a glue that could be used to apply a painted masonite art piece to a wooden box frame, another words I wanted a cradled frame, but I wanted to be able to detach the picture so that the frame could be reused. The hIde glue did that on sample pieces I've tried so far. A narrow bond applied on the inner flat surface of the frame adheres the picture, Heated air, applied by a hair drier to the back of the cradled frame loosens the masonite board so it can be pried off. Since the art was acrylic, the heat to the back of the frame did not damage the picture surface, which was on the other side, away from the heat.