American Leprosy Missions - American Leprosy Missions cures and cares for people with leprosy, and is committed to bringing an end to this ancient disease.

  • Support Our Work - American Leprosy Missions - When you support our work, you cure people suffering from leprosy, provide ongoing care to affected people, and help bring an end to this ancient disease.
  • Miracle Partners - American Leprosy Missions - You can do even more good for suffering people when you join Miracle Partners, our group of compassionate monthly sustainers.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer - American Leprosy Missions - Save time and money by setting up an Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT. Your gifts will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account.
  • Donor Services - American Leprosy Missions - Our donor services team is here to help, so please let us know how we can make your experience with American Leprosy Missions better.
  • Planned Giving - American Leprosy Missions - Discover the many benefits of planned giving or estate planning with American Leprosy Missions. Provide financial protection for your family and extend your giving impact.
  • Learn About Leprosy - American Leprosy Missions - Learn about leprosy, get helpful facts and statistics about leprosy, and discover how you can help stop the suffering.
  • Leprosy Frequently Asked Questions - American Leprosy Missions - Discover answers to leprosy frequently asked questions, including ones about leprosy symptoms and treatment.
  • Leprosy Vaccine - American Leprosy Missions - American Leprosy Missions is committed to bringing an END to leprosy by developing a leprosy vaccine that will stop this terrible disease before it starts.
  • Leprosy History - American Leprosy Missions - Leprosy history is long and fascinating, as people around the world have struggled to understand and combat this ancient disease.
  • Buruli Ulcer - American Leprosy Missions - Buruli ulcer is a flesh-eating disease related to leprosy. American Leprosy Missions has started Buruli ulcer programs in four countries in Africa.
  • Our Impact in the World - American Leprosy Missions - In 2013, partners like you helped relieve suffering and restore hope to more than 450,000 people and communities affected by leprosy and related diseases.
  • Transforming Lives - American Leprosy Missions - Your gifts are transforming lives. When you give to American Leprosy Missions, you’re part of a network of compassion and support for suffering people.
  • Countries - American Leprosy Missions - We work in 11 countries to cure people suffering from leprosy, care for those damaged by the disease and ultimately end it in our time.
  • Children - American Leprosy Missions - American Leprosy Missions works around the world, providing the cure and ongoing care for children suffering from leprosy and related diseases.
  • A Blessing for Sarita - American Leprosy Missions - Sarita was just ten years old when she got leprosy. Discover how you helped her find healing, respect and Jesus’ love, in her own words.
  • Nazma: The Gifts That Changed Her Life - American Leprosy Missions - Thanks to your support, Nazma, a victim of leprosy, received goats that saved her from hunger and poverty.
  • Shipments of Medicines and Supplies - American Leprosy Missions - Your gifts send shipments of medicines and supplies into poverty zones so people with leprosy and related diseases can receive treatment and care.
  • Protective Shoes - American Leprosy Missions - Leprosy can damage the feet, making walking impossible. But our special, protective shoes can change everything!
  • Jitendra: Your Gifts Saved This Young Boy - American Leprosy Missions - Jitendra is a young boy living in a remote region in India. Leprosy crippled his hand, but he received life-changing surgery, thanks to you.
  • Get Involved - American Leprosy Missions - Get involved with American Leprosy Missions and help change lives for the better! Join us in the fight against leprosy and related diseases.
  • How Your Church Can Help - American Leprosy Missions - Through your partnership, you and your church can help some of the most marginalized people in the world, those affected by leprosy and Buruli ulcer.
  • Pray for Our Ministry - American Leprosy Missions - Support people suffering with leprosy through prayer. Discover how you can pray for our ministry and for the people we serve around the world.
  • World Leprosy Day - American Leprosy Missions - Join us in celebrating World Leprosy Day on Sunday, January 25, 2015 and in standing for those who face oppression and stigma every day.
  • About Us - American Leprosy Missions - American Leprosy Missions is a global organization serving Christ by curing and caring for people suffering from leprosy, and by working to end this ancient disease in our time.
  • American Leprosy Missions Frequently Asked Questions - American Leprosy Missions - What would you like to know? We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our global ministry to people affected by leprosy.
  • Financials - American Leprosy Missions - You can trust American Leprosy Missions, a member in good standing with the ECFA and BBB. Financials and annual reports are available online.

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