Sore Throat, Cold and Flu Relief | Lemsip - Lemsip helps provide relief from cold and flu symptoms. Choose from variety of hot drinks and capsules to soothe a sore throat and clear nasal congestion.

  • Cold and Flu Relief Products | Lemsip Product Range - Discover the range of effective cold and flu relief products in the Lemsip range, to help reduce your symtpoms and get you back to better health.
  • Runny Nose and Sore Throats Explained | What is in a Cold | Lemsip - Find out the facts behind your runny nose and sore throats. Uncover the causes behind the discomfort of cold and flu and how you can try to avoid it.
  • Decongestant Formula to Clear a Blocked Nose | Lemsip Cold and Flu - The formula behind Lemsip Cold and Flu with Decongestant helps to reduce the severity of blocked noses, runny noses, sore throast and headaches.
  • Cold andFlu Relief in a Soothing Hot Drink | Lemsip Cold and Flu - Trust Lemsip to reduce the severity of your symptoms and help provide cold and flu relief in a soothing hot drink.
  • For the First Signs of a Cold| Lemsip First Signs Liquid Capsules - Turn to Lemsip First Signs liquid capsules for the first signs of a cold or flue begin to develop and reduce the severity of your symptoms.
  • Cold and Flu Symptoms for Multiple Relief | Lemsip Multi relief - Lemsip Mulit relief hot drink sachets and capsules help to provide effecitve multiple relief from cold and flu symptoms.

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  • Arthur Zepeda Jr. - Beware! Error 53

    This game was purchased from Best Buy shortly after the games release for approximately $50. This is an important fact for my review as you will see later. I am what you will call a casual gamer. Since the games release I was able to get my Barbarian character up to level 19 thru the beginning of Act 2. I am not a fan of having to login to every time I play the game. As most reviews show this is the main reason for all of the 1 star reviews. Well, on the afternoon of July 8, I received an email from Blizzard with the subject heading "Blizzard Store--Purchased Failed". You better hope to God you never get this email. Basically the email says that "since we could not fully authorize this item's purchase (they are referring to Diablo 3, the game that I purchased in Best Buy), it has now been deactivated. At first I thought this was a fraudulent email. After a couple of days I attempted to play Diablo 3, and after I logged in, I received "Error 53" which states that your account has been suspended. After creating a trouble ticket to Blizzard which I knew I was screwed since I know how these always turn out, I received a reply back stating that the game that was on my account was purchased online, and since the transaction didn't go thru, the game was removed from my account. Not only did they remove Diablo 3, but they also removed Starcraft 2 which has been on there since it came out. They wiped my entire account clean. I haven't tried to reinstall yet, but I can already bet that my authentication code no longer works. I will update this review later when I try that. Stay away from this game if you don't want this happening to you. I've sent 3 emails back on my ticket and each time they tell me that this game was purchased online.

  • Joe Mercer - THE BEST OF THE BEST

    I've been using GPS programs for many years. I have used both on dash and laptop computer programs. The DeLorme Street Atlas program is the best GPS mapping program period. Nothing is better. And, it is very inexpensive. If you have a laptop computer you can have the best Travel Atlas program in existence for about $50.00. It comes with a GPS antennae which lays on your dash and hooks up to the usb port in your computer. It only works on Windows but if you have a Mac you can use VMware Fusion and run it your Mac. I also have a Garmin 2557 which is very good. But planning a trip on the DeLorme is much faster and you can see so much more detail. Click on your start location on the map or just type it in, then click on your destination or just type it in (on your full size keyboard-not hunt and peck on a tiny screen) and then Pick up one or more "VIAs" from the tool bar and place those anyplace you want in order to make the trip go exactly where you want to go. That's it! As you travel you have a full color moving map display the size of your laptop screen and it shows how many miles to your next waypoint, time to waypoint, time and miles to destination and much, much more. For flexibility, ease of planning and situational awareness you just can't beat it.

  • Tom Carter - Love It...If I could afford it, I would buy two of them!!!!

    I love this TV!!!! It is easy to set up. The only thing you need to prepare for is the on-screen adjustments versus the standard remote. Nothing to be overly concerned about...just keep messing with it!

  • Amazon Customer - Shame on JA Henckels for lowering their standards to sell garbage..

    JA Henckels is known for chef quality knifes and usually cost a lot... I was not in need of anymore knifes, however when I saw the price and the maker I ordered them... These are not the same knifes they would offer at any culinary store, they are cheap with light plastic handles. This is something I would expect to see at a five and dime from some no name maker not from JA Henckels. To me it is apparent that these were designed cheaply to sell at an inexpensive rate... Shame on JA Henckels for lowering their standards to sell garbage... They just lost me as a customer for life...

  • Peter - Basic Math Errors and Poor Customer Support

    I've used this software for many years, and I never had a problem until the 2012 tax year. I have very simple taxes, and I love the free e-file offered by H&R Block. Unfortunately, this year the IRS notified me that there was a mathematical error in my tax return. As a result, my return was delayed, and my refund was reduced.

  • Jamie Waite - doesn't really work

    hair gets dry when using this shampoo. Does not improve brassiness in hair. Would not recommend buying unless u want to dry out your hair.