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  • L. Heaton - could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about ...

    Very decent, makes you think, especially about the control over who lives and who dies. With our corrupt government, could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about it. It's entertaining and thought provoking.

  • T. Butler - Just awful

    I really struggled to get through this movie. I was hoping it might be good. I maybe laughed at one joke, the others just fell flat. Some of the terms used in the movie like lay lines were referenced. This was somewhat interesting, but other terms were just idiotic and insulting to the audiences intelligence. Some of the CGI ghosts are cool looking. I think a franchise like this should be done really well, considering the originals are considered classics. I hope it gets a remake and then this one gets forgotten.

  • Kathy B - Thundershirts make a major difference in reducing anxiety

    Having once used the Thundershirt, I would never be without one again for dogs who exhibit anxiety reactions to anything from loud noises (thunder, fireworks) to car travel. Use of these shirts made a major difference. My storm-phobic dog - while still clearly not happy about the thunder - stopped trembling and clinging to me and just laid down nearby to wait it out.

  • Julio - Good overall camera

    This seems like a very good camera at a competitive price. I bought it to replace a previous Fuji which I had got very wet. This newer model has many improvements including a greater zoom range, removal of the function dial which was always getting out of position (now provided in software), larger screen and a built in battery charger.

  • Ronald S. Burkey - Best Hercules movie ever ... in other words, the only good Hercules movie ever

    There has been a seemingly infinite number of Hercules movies in the past, uniformly worthless as far as I can recall, and I didn't expect any more of this movie than to watch it for a few minutes and then watch something else. However, I found myself watching it through to the end, and think it is not only the best Hercules movie ever made, but perhaps (off the top of my head, without researching it a lot) the best mythologically-based movie ever made in English.

  • racmac - I love it

    great song, always have loved phil collins and this is one of my favorite song of his great drum beats :)