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  • Lisa Davy - Great if you don't mind gluten

    I loved this product until I went it gluten free. I can no longer use it. I get a face and head rash because of my gluten allergy

  • Whisper - Superb picture, Good sound, and many great features but.....

    ....It has been a frustrating start up. My first frustration was to find I must download and print the 97 page manual only to find that the pages aren't numbered! Why they didnt spend one more hour to number the pages before posting is hard to understand. Next you will be impressed with the many features such as PIP and Recording to a thumb drive that the TV offers only to learn after more study and trials that these (and perhaps others) are not available in units sold in the USA and Canada. Most disappointing to me was the lack of a voice remote even though this is clearly shown in the Samsung illustrations which are also used on the Amazon page. Amazon was gracious enough to pay for a voice remote- although after hours of trying I found the voice feature is not supported by this model. The workaround that works well is the addition of the $59 Amazon voice Firestick for a good voice activated remote with Amazon's huge Music selection as an added bonus.

  • J. Russell - No support

    After I sent them a letter asking for some help just once with the Nero software I bought with my hard-earned money in 2015, Nero sent me a letter from Germany stating that they did not offer any phone or online technical support for their product. If you are a person who may need support with complex software, do not buy this product. Sure, their agents always give them top ratings--and each and every edition is supposed to be the new and super upgrade--but that's just a sales pitch disguised as a review. Any product of any type you can buy is no better than the company that makes and sells it, so "no support" is exactly the same as "bad product" and "bad company." If enough people don't buy Nero, the company will step up to the plate and stand behind their products and help customers with real live help. Help yourself and help the rest of us by not buying Nero until they have the technical support that respects the customers' money that goes to pay their company bills and to support them and their families. Thank you.

  • dee litchford - Do Not Buy!

    A total rip off! Do not waste your money! Before you know it, you are in debt for a lot more money then you bargained for. Don't know how the good the product is as I sent it back as soon as the kept charging me. I ended up with nothing and it still cost me $50!!

  • ACB. Bingman - I really enjoy spoiling my phone

    I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The opinions and thoughts on this product are my own and I would not give a positive rating if it was not deserved. These reviews are a hobby of mine, however, taken very seriously. I know how important the reviews are when I purchase a product online. They help me make my final decision before I purchase. Therefore, I hope mine helps you. If it does, please give me a helpful vote as I work very hard to answer the questions I think you would have in my reviews without too much overwhelming information. Let me know if I helped!!

  • Carolyn Legg - My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies ...

    My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies before we found this product. As long as she starts on a daily regimen of taking one of these a day for a month before the allergy season hits, her allergy symptoms are mild or nonexistent.